Top 5 Cheap Soprano In London - No.4 Timeless Laser Clinic

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The Timeless is a premier Laser Hair Removal clinic in London and provides cheap Soprano and Alexandrite laser treatment.

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by stanfordboyTHE BEST EVER! I've COMPARED the price and the laser machines of all the laser hair removal clinics in London, and tried a few clinics beforehand (if you chase the price, you'd experience poor service with old dodgy machine. Nothing seems quite reasonably priced in London when it comes to the beauty biz). Hmm this clinic? Best machine at the best price! Hair removal (laser) is literally all about the machine used in my search and experience, but I paid half as much as I paid in S. Kensington. Quite small but friendly, clean, tidy and professional.

by poppyadamsExcellent staff and facility with great prices. After doing lots of research I was happy to try Timeless and I am so glad I made that decision. The service has been friendly and accommodating, an easy location to get to with good quality equipment and fantastic results.

Reviews For Timeless Skincare & Laser Clinic In Camden

by bluedragon69erI thoroughly recommend Timeless for competitive pricing, safe, clean and professional service with great range of skin facial products and treatments as well. I have sensitive skin so I use Epicurum moisturiser which is superior to high street ones as it does not aggravate my skin and is non greasy. LOVE IT. I have listed some of my personal experiences below if you care to read them.

I have had lots of laser therapy before and was really happy to be recommended to Timeless Skincare & Laser by a friend that also goes there. The therapist was extremely professional and helpful and accommodating. She also noticed that to my amazement I am allergic to Aloe.

Costs of Soprano Laser Treatment

Special Offers

Full Body Option : £150 Per Hour, £40 For 15mins
6 Sessions Price:
Full Bikini + Peri-anal + Underarms £600 ; Lower Arm £450 ; Lower Legs £499 ; Chest + Abdomen £600 ; Full Back £599

  • Specialize :

    Soprano XL Pain-Free Laser
  • Address :

    181 Thanet Street, London WC1H 9QA  ;  1st Floor, 83 charlotte Street, London
  • Telephone :

    0207 388 4299
  • Website :
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