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Pulse Light Clinic was established in London in 2001, with of 2 decades worth of experience & the treatment of around 40 clients every day!! Pulse Light offers the most advanced laser technology for hair removal currently on the market and they have 3 state of the art lasers specifically designed to target all hair and skin types for the safest and most effective laser hair reduction treatment in London.

Clinic owner and Rosacea specialist Sheila MacLean has over 12 years experience treating people from early stage rosacea and minor broken veins to late stage chronic rosacea. She now specializes in Laser and IPL Therapies. Lucy is the full time specialist in laser hair and tattoo removal and has been with the clinic for a couple of years now. She treats a huge amount of clients on a weekly basis and has built up a wealth of knowledge treating all skin and hair types.

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by DBLOOR34 I am half way through my hair removal treatments at the Pulse Light Clinic and so far the experience has been a very positive one. I am really pleased to have found a clinic I can trust for laser hair reduction in London. The staff are brilliant and super professional. I have heard some horror stories in other London clinics so was relieved when I spoke to the staff there and had everything explained to me and had my first treatment, which was very successful.

by chali2005 I have just started full body laser hair removal at the Pulselightclinic and I have to day their Soprano machine is AMAZING! I have only had one treatment on each area so far and I cant believe the results, its pain free and just feels like a warm massage, I've even nearly drifted off a few times! I came to the clinic after having IPL somewhere else, where I had minimal results, Ive since been told it should not be used on Asian skin like mine anyway, so I'm glad I stopped with them. I normally shave my arms everyday and the fact that 1 week later the hair is not growing and I can just pull it out with my fingers is a bit weird but great to see! I have 3 more treatments to go, full body means I'm in the clinic on 3 separate occasions but only every 6 weeks and the results are so worth it.

by Nicloe23 I am really happy with the treatments so far. The hair is thinner and gone in certain areas and I have only had 4 treatments. I like sticking to Hayley as she understands and works thorough.


Chin £60 ; Full Face £100 ; Underarms £75 ; Full Arms £200 ; Bikini Line £85 ; Hollywood £130 ; Full Legs £260

Special Offers

30% Off 4 Sessions ; 40% Off 6 Sessions ; 50% Off 8 Sessions
6 Soprano Treatments £1700 incl. Lower Legs; Toes; Half Arms; Fingers; Bikini; Peri Anal; Navel; Upper Lip; Underarms
6 Laser Treatments £1380 incl. Lower Legs; Toes, Half Arms; Fingers, Bikini; Peri Anal; Navel; Upper Lip; Underarms

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    Soprano XL Pain-Free Laser & Duetto Alexandrite - Nd:Yag Laser & IPL
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    1st Floor, 150-152 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 6BB
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    020 7283 8191
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