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Premier Laser Clinic is one of the leading laser skin clinics in London for providing laser hair removal and advanced skin treatments for both men and women. They have been in the laser business for many years, using state of the art equipment for all laser systems. They are currently using the latest generation laser machines from the world leading manufactures, Candela and Cynosure. Their latest additions, the Laser Candela Gentlemax Pro and Cynosure Elite MPX, are at the forefront of laser technology. The clinic offer a free test patch and free skin consultation for laser hair reduction and spider vein removal.

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by Ali My wife and me are looking for laser hair removal. Her skin type is around 4 and mine is 5. We did a lot of researches on line and attended over 5 consultations in different established clinics including Harley street clinic, Renewmedica, SKN, Premier.

All of them were providing free consultation. SKN charged £25 for test patch and others were free. Consultation were all quite standard and professional. I did ask lots of technical questions regarding lasers. SKN and Premier Laser Clinics staff gave me more accurate answers. I felt more relaxed at Premier Laser Clinic because the nurse was much less aggressive to sell the treatment to me. They both recommended ND YAG laser on us. 

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From test patch experience, the laser in Premier Laser Clinic in South London called Candela GentleYAG is slightly more comfortable than the laser called Cynosure Elite SKN is using. I was told by Premier Laser Clinic both machines are gold standard laser for dark skin type and very similar to each other. If I would prefer Cynosure Elite, their east London Clinic in Aldgate is using Latest Cynosure Elite MPX. The new model comes with 18 mm Spot size. It means the laser beam is much stronger and can penetrate deeper. It also means I can finish the treatment up to 40% quicker. 

We finally chosed Premier Laser Clinic based on the technology, price and profession. We are on our second sessions. So far We are happy with the treatment. The treatment is slightly painful but bearable. The practitioners were quite patient and did a very thorough treatment. The skin also went red after the treatment but returned to normal a few hours later with the help of their special Aloe Vera Gel. The hair did come back but less and finer. 

by m2bnr1 I went to the Clapham Branch of the Premier laser clinic a few weeks ago for my first treatment of hair removal and so far I am really impressed. The clinic is small but very clean. The staff are very friendly and helpful both at the consultation, where there was no pressure to sign up there and then and they were also helpful at my first session.

I am afro caribbean and therefore have searched for a long time to find a good clinic at a reasonable price that uses the ND YAG laser for black skin tones. So far so good with no adverse effects and the treatment is working as expected. As said, I have only had one session but so far so good.


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    Candela Gentlemax Pro Laser & Cynosure Elite Laser

  • Address :

    34 Commercial Road, Aldgate East, London, E1 1LN
  • Address :

    55 Orlando Rd, London
  • Address :

    3-5 Vaston Place, London, SW6 1AY
  • Address :

    4 Eden Street, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 1BB
  • Address :

    2 Wellington Terrace, London W2 4LW
  • Telephone :

    0800 0146 888
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