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The New York Laser Clinic have carried out more than 100,000 laser hair removal treatments since they opened in London in 2004. They use the Candela GentleLase machines, containing a unique cooling system which soothes the skin after the procedure and aids the healing process. It's quicker too, treating hair follicles in a fraction of the time of other methods, so, quicker, easier, more comfortable, a first class service at competitive prices.

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by Gorgyan I like their friendly staff and quite low prices on packages of 6 treatments. Also the type of laser they use really works and you can see the results after the first treatment already.

by simrit I've been coming to this clinic for the last 2 years and have found both the service and treatments brilliant. I have had several laser treatments and have so far seen amazing results. It does make a difference to have the right person to treat you and have been extremely happy with their friendliness and warm approach. Would highly recommend The New York Laser Clinic to all my friends and family, in which I have already. The treatment has changed my life in many respects so thank you!

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by Kat_Black I had a course of six laser hair removal sessions on my legs and I am so pleased with the results. Every week that I went they set the laser to a higher intensity which I think really stopped a lot of the hair dead. I have a little regrowth but it's softer, lighter hair and only in a little patch (bearing in mind I finished my treatments almost three years ago I think that's outstanding!) I have tried two other laser clinics but neither have managed to live up to the standards of NY laser. I am currently having further laser treatment in another of their branches and I will post a review of that clinic when my course is finished.

by HomeraSakha I Have been going to this Clinic since 2008 and have referred a number of people here! I am well; underway of having my entire body lasered and must say- not exaggerating but this is one of the best things i have ever done with my money! I was riddled with ingrowing hair which has now completely gone! My skin is so very smooth and the dark black hair has completely gone on many areas and reduced by over 90% on the rest!
I have had Rachel for the duration of my treatment and she is fantastic & have also had interactions with Donna the owner who is also most kind! Highly efficient, fantastic results worth every single penny!
I have already recommended many people and would recommend anyone as this has been the best value for money and service!


Upper Lip, Chin, Hands, Feet : £66
Hairline, Under Arms, Bikini Line, Neck Front/Back, Shoulder Blades : £85
Half Arms, Brazilian, Shoulders, Abdomen : £106
Full Face, Beard , Bikini Line + Underarms, Buttocks, Half Back, Hollywood : £133
Brazilian + Underarms + Naval/Pubis Line, Hollywood + Underarms, Full back, Full arms, Chest & Abdomen : £196
Full Legs, Full Back & Shoulders : £263
Woman's Full Body inc Face, Men's Full Body : £566

Special Offers

An Additional 57.5% Discount Off Of 6 Sessions, 63% Discount Off Of 8 Sessions

  • Specialize :

    Candela GentleLase Laser
  • Address :

    46 Bishopsgate, London, Greater London EC2N 4AJ -- Tel: 020 7256 6341
  • Address :

    34A Paddington Street, London, W1U 4HG -- Tel: 020 7935 0196
  • Address :

    1 Farm Lane, Fulham, London, SW6 1PU -- Tel: 020 7409 1083
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