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The Mayfair was established in London in 2002 to waxing, threading and the latest permenant laser hair removal technology. They have the busiest specialty waxing salons in Central London and clients come from all over London, and neighbouring Cities. All are staff have a minimum of 5 years waxing experience. The salon also has done a lot of research to find the best Laser machine on the market - The Syneron Laser System which is cost of 40,000 pounds. It is meaning that you can get faster, better results and need many fewer laser treatments.

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by sprayqueen I've been going to Mayfair tanning for more than a year and I decided to try their laser hair removal. I just had my fourth session and my under arm hair is nearly gone! It's great because I have a very sensitive skin and I don't need to worry about it anymore. The specialist,, did an amazing job and was very patient during the treatment. I was very scared at first but she made it painless! I also love their spray tan and the way it looks completely natural. It's an amazing color and people find it hard to believe when I say it's not a real tan! Great color, even and it lasts for about a week. I'm really addicted to it!

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by suzzy1983 I went to Mayfair tanning for laser hair reduction and I would sincerely recommend it to anyone thinking of getting it done. After 4 sessions, I can last about 1 month without shaving the underarm. When 6 sessions were complete, I stopped using the razor all together. With that said, I know the effectiveness of LHR varies from person to person. I have fair skin, and dark hair. I also do not have a lot of hair to begin with so that may be another factor. I love the results and will start working on other areas of the body.

by birdie30 COMPLETELY AWSOME! I usually don't write a review on places I go to, however I went to the mayfair Tanning Maddox st location. Besides being a GORGEOUS space with an ultra modern vibe to it, the estitician I saw was very knowledgable and really sweet; she made me feel very comfortable. This was my first laser treatment and I must say that I am really impressed with the entire process! They offered me a package of 6 that was totally reasonable and basically you pay for 5 treatments and the sixth one is free! Overall I had a great experience and would HIGHLY reccomend this place.


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    Syneron Laser Systems
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    5 Dering St, London -- Tel: 020 7495 2666
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    14 Maddox St, London -- Tel: 020 7493 1822
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