Guidebook For Laser Eye Surgery In UK
Compare For Optical Express, Ultralase And Optimax

There are more than 140 clinics were identified with LASIK Eye Surgery in the UK now. However, about 80% of people seeking it used the top three chains, Optical Express, Ultralase and Optimax. Actually, the top three LASIK clinics in the UK are very similar and give good results, they all use the same lasers to do the treatment as one another. Perhaps, the biggest difference was the price. However, we still have many different from the feedback of patient, basically the experience so far is :

Optical Express - The Largest But Not Necessarily The Best

Costs: Advanced CustomVue Wavefront LASIK From £795 / per eye ; IntraLase + £300 per eye

Optical Express

Optical Express is the top LASIK provider in UK. They have carried out over 1000,000 procedures and offers laser eye surgery in over 230 locations. Optical Express has invested over £1million in technology in each clinic, it is the first and only of the three chains LASIK clinics in the UK that have upgraded to the iFS™150 Femtosecond IntraLASIK in all of location.

However, LASIK prices are often hundreds of pounds higher than those advertised. People are often pressured to opt for pricier options. There are suspected of hiding risks of LASIK during initial consultations.

Ultralase - Most Expensive But Service Is Best

Costs: LASIK £1,395 / per eye ; Revolutionary Treatment For Reading Glasses £2,495 / per eye


Established in 1991, Ultralase was the UK's first private laser eye surgery, with 31 clinics nationwide. They have treated over 225,000 patients and and 99.1% of its patients in 2010 achieved vision of driving standard or better. The pricing is transparent, honest and all-inclusive, but it may be the most expensive. Ultralase has launched a new product, Ultra Elite, which is the latest refinement of Wavefront treatment, available nationally exclusively. The treatment has produced the best results seen at Ultralase.

Optimax - Most Cheapest But The Service Was Awful

Costs: IntraLase All LASIK + £495 / per eye


Optimax have 23 specialist laser eye treatment clinics throughout the UK and have treated over 300,000 eyes since 1991 and are now the UK's only specialist provider. Optimax are the first company to introduce Femtosecond IntraLASIK nationwide which is now the Gold Standard for laser eye surgery.

Optimax are very local but its at least 3 weeks away for a consultation. They are offering the best price for Intralase treatment in the whole of the UK, however, some patient reviews that Optimax were cheaper but the service was awful. They also have the issue of hiding risks of LASIK during initial laser eye surgery consultations.

During the assess process of the top three clinics, we fount that the conceal the potential risks of LASIK is the biggest problem. Even if the laser eye surgery fully corrects your eyes for distance vision, you're still likely to need reading glasses when you reach 45-50 years of age. Almost half of people weren't told about this, despite asking whether they might need glasses after LASIK. Therefore, people need a better understanding of LASIK by yourself is absolutely necessary.

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If you are prepare to do laser eye surgery, you should to know the technology of LASIK is not the be all and end all. It helps, but the primary choice should be surgeon. Choose a good surgeon and he will always be able to make the best of the equipment. Maybe best to shop around to see if you can find a cheaper price and best service. If you do, then get them to match it!

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