Top 5 LASIK Eye Surgery Surgeons In Singapore

The LASIK Surgery Clinic (LSC) - Dr. Marc Tay

Prices : Custom LASIK From $1,999 / Both Eyes Before GST
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LSC - Dr. Marc Tay

LSC is the Singapore Medical Group's flagship medical practice, it has carried out LASIK more than 34,000 eyes. Dr Tay comes with a wealth of experience having worked at the Eye Department of the Singapore General Hospital, the Tan Tock Seng Hospital, the Toa Payoh Hospital and the Singapore National Eye Centre. He was a member of the Founding Group of Refractive Laser Surgeons when LASIK was first introduced at the Singapore National Eye Centre. Dr Marc Tay has operated on 10,000 eyes last year.

Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC), SingLASIK - Dr. Donald Tan

Prices : Microkeratome Custom LASIK $1,999 / Both Eyes ; IntraLase Custom LASIK $2,688 / Both Eyes
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SNEC, SingLASIK - Dr. Donald Tan

SingLASIK started laser refractive surgical procedure in 1992. Now, they offers refractive and LASIK services by 12 dedicated and skillful LASIK surgeons. At the SingLASIK, it is understood that about 7,000 eyes were operated on last year. And, around 10% of patients are screened out after careful evaluation and advised not to proceed with the procedure.

Professor Donald Tan is Director of the Singapore National Eye Centre, tenured full professor of the Ophthalmology at the National University of Singapore, and Chairman of the Singapore Eye Research Institute. His work has led to major innovations in corneal and stem cell transplantation, refractive surgery, and in myopia treatments which he has imparted internationally as a global educator and researcher for over 15 years, having published over 220 scientific papers and contributed 17 book chapters.

Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) LASIK Centre - Dr. Heng Wee Jin

Prices : LASIK From S$950 / Per Eye Onwards
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TTSH LASIK Centre - Dr. Heng Wee Jin

TTSH LASIK Centre is the 2nd largest eye specialty unit in Singapore. They handle more than 120,000 outpatient visits and more than 10,000 eye surgeries every year, making them highly experienced in ophthalmology matters. A Ministry of Health Singapore Survey showed that TTSH LASIK Centre achieved 100% success rate with the patients attaining unaided vision of 6/12 of better 3 months after LASIK.

Prof Heng Wee Jin joined Tan Tock Seng Hospital in 1996 after his residency. He underwent Cornea & Refractive Surgery Fellowship training in the world-renowned Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, which has been repeatedly ranked among the top 3 Eye Hospitals in US for the last 20 years. His areas of expertise include determining whether patients are good candidates for LASIK, which is important in decreasing the risk of complications after LASIK.

Jerry Tan Eye Surgery

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Dr. Jerry Tan

Dr. Jerry Tan is the first surgeon to perform LASIK Eye Surgery, he operates at this eye surgery in Orchard Boulevard in Singapore. He has been presently in private for the past 13 years after working 11 years in public service at the Singapore General Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Singapore National Eye Centre. Dr Tan started performing LASIK in May 1996, To date he has done more than 11,000 cases.

Of the over 11,000 cases that Jerry Tan Eye Surgery has handled to date, there has been only one early infection. The patient recovered with prompt intensive antibiotic treatment. Today, his unaided vision is an excellent 6/6 or 20/20 (perfect vision). This compares favourably to centres around the world where the average rate of infection is 1 in 5,000.

National University Hospital (NUH) LASIK Centre - Dr. Lennard Thean

Prices : All LASIK (Aspheric, Wavefront/Tissue Saving, Topographic) From SGD1575 (Per Eye)
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NUH LASIK Centre - Dr. Lennard Thean

At NUH LASIK Centre, there are three surgeons who do LASIK surgery and operate on about 800 eyes a year. This does not include military personnel. And the success rate is 98.8%.

Dr. Lennard Thean was trained in Ophthalmology in the United Kingdom and has been performing Refractive Laser surgeries since 1995, before returning to Singapore in 1997. Now he is the Head of Cataract, LASIK and Refractive Laser Surgery Services, NUH.