The Results After LASIK Eye Surgery

Currently, millions of people had LASIK Surgery to enhance their vision. More than 50% of all patients enjoyed perfect 20/20 vision after undergoing the procedure. About 88% of patients ended up with vision of 20/40 or better. The degree of success appears to depend on the type of laser used and how severe the patient's vision problem was prior to the procedure and age.

The Results After LASIK

The Typical Vision Results After LASIK

  • A Median With Myopia Or Myopic Astigmatism
    92% of people achieved a correction within 2 diopters of target.
  • Low To Moderate Levels Of Myopia
    99% of people achieved 20/40 or better uncorrected visual acuity and did not require correction with glasses or contact lenses.
    85% of patients have 20/20 or better.
  • Low To High Levels Of Myopia
    94% of people achieved 20/40 or better uncorrected visual acuity.
  • High Levels Of Myopia
    89% of people achieved 20/40 or better uncorrected visual acuity.
  • Hyperopia And Hyperopic Astigmatism
    88% of people achieved correction within one diopter of target, resulting in at least 20/40 or better uncorrected visual acuity.

The Results Of FDA Study For LASIK

91% No complications at any time.
91% Night vision as expected, better, or much better.
7% Complications seldom problematic (Yet 91% of these same patients would have surgery again).
2% Complications frequent or always problematic (Yet 22% of f these same patients would have surgery again).

How Long Does LASIK Results Last, Is It Permanent?

Generally, the LASIK good vision results can last 15-20 years and until you are 40 years old for most patients. A small percentage of patients will have some decrease in the effect over many years, but in most cases the remaining vision is still very good.

Recovery Time And Vision Results At Each Stages After LASIK. How Long Until The Vision Stabilizes?

After LASIK, DO NOT drive to home by yourself. Most people experience 4-6 hours of mild irritation, and your doctor will probably suggest taking a mild pain reliever. Your eyes may tear or water and your vision may be hazy or blurry.

4 Ways Keep The Vision Stable After LASIK And Prevent Myopia From Coming Back

1. Using Lubricating Eye Drops Improve Dry Eye
2. Do Not Strain Your Eyes Too Much
3. Keep Your Eyes Healthy
4. Check Up Your Eye Every 3-6 Months

Will A Young Person Still Develop To Presbyopia After LASIK?

Affirmative Answer : Even if you had LASIK eye surgery as a young person and achieve perfect vision, you still will develop to presbyopia, typically beginning between the ages of 40 and 50.

3 Ways To Redeem The Failure Of LASIK. How Many Times Can A LASIK Be Repeated?

1. A Repeat LASIK
2. Assistive Technology
3. Cornea Transplant Surgery
The cornea can be repeated a second time if there is adequate corneal tissue remaining which needs to be determined for each case. Rarely, it can be done a third time but this can have increased risks.