Recovery Time And Vision Results At Each Stages After LASIK
How Long Until The Vision Stabilizes?

Normal, the true recovery time of LASIK Eye Surgery is six months, but definitely not short of 20 minutes. You will face complications, such as ghosts, halos, starbursts, regular or irregular astigmatism. Over a period of time, from as little as a few weeks to as much as six months, these complications may dissipate, If these complications continue beyond six months, you may assume that these are permanent.

Recovery Time And Vision Results At Each Stages After LASIK. How Long Until The Vision Stabilizes?

Immediately After LASIK

A Little Discomfort In Your Eyes And Vision Is Blurry.
No Television, No Computer And No Reading.

After LASIK, DO NOT drive to home by yourself. Most people experience 4-6 hours of mild irritation, and your doctor will probably suggest taking a mild pain reliever. Your eyes may tear or water and your vision may be hazy or blurry. Right after the LASIK you see as if looking behind water. In about 4 hours the vision will be clearer. While your eyes are healing, it is normal for your vision to go back and forth between clear and blurry phases for several weeks.

Cover your eyes with an eye shield to protect them for the first day. No television, no computer work and no reading.

First Day

Most People Can Return To Their Normal Routines.
Patients Should Have 20/40 Improved Vision.

Most people can return to their normal routines a day after the LASIK surgery but you will need to regularly use antibiotics, steroids, and other medications for your dry eye syndrome.
Do not rub your eyes for the first 7 days. Can accept computer work, watching TV, and reading.

1 Week

The Majority Of People Who Undergo LASIK Enjoy Perfect 20/20 Vision Afterward Or Even Better.
Patients Should Have 20/40 Improved Vision.

In some cases, however, the results may only be 20/40 or even worse. If your vision becomes 20/40, this means you can see at 20 feet what a person with perfect vision can see at 40 feet. In most states, 20/40 is still considered good enough for getting a driver's license. Avoid the pool, jacuzzis and whirlpools. Keep your eyes well lubricated, and advise the use of lotions, creams and eye makeup with caution.

13 Weeks

Your Vision May Take From Three To Eight Weeks To Stabilize.

Strenuous sports, including swimming, can be started, but with eye protection. You can start outdoor activities, but ensure that your eyes are well protected.

3 - 6 Months

Most Patients Usually Becomes Stable.

Once your vision is stable, your treatment is permanent. Later vision changes are uncommon. Fluctuating vision is part of the healing process and take time to recover.

1 Year

It is possible to experience regression following the LASIK procedure. If this occurs, your vision will gradually worsen again. You can have an enhancement, which is a type of "touch up" surgery performed in order to improve your site again.