How Long Does LASIK Results Last, Is It Permanent?

Generally, the LASIK good vision results can last 15-20 years and until you are 40 years old for most patients. A small percentage of patients will have some decrease in the effect over many years, but in most cases the remaining vision is still very good.

How Long Does LASIK Results Last, Is It Permanent?

The Most Important Factors For The Last Time Is Stable To Start With

The LASIK has changed the shape of your cornea below the surface, in the stable layer called the stroma. If the eyeball has a fully mature of LASIK, the laser reshaping of the cornea's curvature is permanent. From this point, you should not have vision results change.

However, corneal shape is not the only factor that can impair vision. There are many causes of defective vision besides the shape of the cornea. The most common reason is the Presbyopia. The Presbyopia is an age-related condition that happens to everybody. When we reach about 40 years old, the lens becomes less able to change its curvature and becomes increasingly fixed in a relatively flat shape. Your near vision is now blurry even if you had LASIK as a young person and get a good visual results.

There are other eye conditions that impair eyesight, such as cataracts , macular degeneration , and glaucoma , and they may happen regardless of whether you had LASIK.

If The Eyeball Has Not A Fully Mature Of LASIK

The laser reshaping of the cornea's curvature will change. With the change of the cornea's curvature, the vision will have a recession.