4 Ways Keep The Vision Stable After LASIK.
How Do I Protect Eyes After LASIK To Prevent Myopia From Coming Back?

For most patients, corrected vision will remain stable following laser eye surgery. However, the vision can and will change as we age. There are four ways to keep the vision healthy and stable as far as possible.

1. Using Lubricating Eye Drops Improve Dry Eye

Fluctuation in vision after LASIK is commonly due to dry eye. Using lubricating eye drops will improve dry eye and consequently lead to more stable vision.

4 Ways Keep The Vision Stable After LASIK And Prevent Myopia From Coming Back

2. Do Not Strain Your Eyes Too Much

If you really want to take good care of your eyes, it is important that you adopt good eye habits and live a lifestyle that suits this purpose.

  • When writing or reading, be sure to follow correct postures by putting the book you're reading or the paper you're writing on at least 30cm from your eyes.
  • If you have to sit in front of the computer systems for a long time at your work place, have a break for about five to ten minutes every single forty minutes and allow your eyes to rest.
  • Enough amount of sleep is also very essential to relieve the stress on your eyes.

3. Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Maintain a proper diet, rich in natural foods, especially in vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and minerals. From a dietary perspective, the eyes need a great deal of the nutrients we take into our body to remain healthy. 8 Preferred Foods For Good Eyesight After LASIK

4. Check Up Your Eye Every 3-6 Months

You had better check up your eye every 3-6 months in order to establish visual files and monitor the edge of vision, about 1.0