LASIK Eye Surgery Procedures Diary By Patient

The nurse first gave me a Xanax pill to ease my nervousness, and I was then being led to the changing room to get ready.

Right before entering the OT, the doctor handed me a cardboard with the drawing something like below, briefed and reminded me again to focus on the green light in the middle of all the lights during the entire procedure. The doctor did tell us that later part of the surgery the green light might disappear, but I couldn't really envision it honestly.

LASIK Procedures Diary By Patient

A nurse was very gentle and thoughtful to lead me to the "operation bed", or whatever you call it.
Doc: "So Cathy, lie down here and don't move yeah."
Me: "okay…"
Doc: "Can you see this light?"
Me: "Yess…"
Doc: "Okay, you're doing fine now, continue looking at the green dot in the middle yeah though later on it might disappear and you won't see it anymore."
Me: (so won't see green dot anymore…then how?) "Hmmmm okay…."

LASIK Procedures Diary By Patient

Then, Dr Lee and nurses were so busy putting drops on my right eye, sticking some funny things around my eye to make sure I don't accidentally close it halfway through the procedure.

Doc: "Cathy, continue looking at the green dot…"
Me: "okay!"
Doc: "Okay we're going to laser your eyes now…"
Me: (OMG I'm going to freak out!!!)
Then I heard the assistant counting down…10 seconds. 5 seconds.

LASIK Procedures Diary By Patient

At that moment I was actually high as the light was really pretty! I was telling myself not bad mah can see psychedelic rays throughout the surgery!

And then, the green dot disappear. Okay am I suppose to follow the red light now?

How come no one told me about the red light!
Then it became fuzzy and eventually, it returned to total darkness.

At some part, there was some burnt smell too, and I tried my very very best not to think too much about it else I'll go crazy at that point.

LASIK Procedures Diary By Patient

Doc : "Alright Cathy! You did it very well we're done with your right eye, now let's do it to your left eye."
Me: "okay…" (as though I can express not okay?)

The same procedure applied, though this time with some slight discomfort as my left eye was usually more sensitive. The pressure was greater this time as I was feeling slight uneasiness as the tension built up.

And this time around, I saw less of the green dot! So lagi gubra as I remember the nurse once told me that the risk of this surgery was not significant as long as you follow doc's instruction and look at the green dot during the surgery.

So no one actually told me that basically the green dot would actually go MISSING during the surgery, and IT DIDN'T REALLY MATTER.

Before knowing it, the doc was done with my left eye. So the lovely nurse came in and helped me to get up, went to another room, and sat me down on a comfy Lorenzo one seater leather couch.