During LASIK Eye Surgery Process

LASIK is a simple operation, patient is seated on a chair specially designed for developed. It connected to a large machine with a microscope and a computer screen as part of a laser system. The whole process should not be longer than 30 minutes.

LASIK Procedures Step By Step With Images. The Feel Like, Does It Pain Or Hurt?


Briefed And Reminded

Step 1 : Briefed And Reminded

The doctor handed you a cardboard with the drawing something, briefed and reminded me again to focus on the green light in the middle of all the lights during the entire procedure.

Prepare For Surgery

Step 2 : Prepare For Surgery

The nurse wipe around your eyes with some kind of iodine solution to disinfect them. Then she will administered the local anaesthetic eye drops which take 10 - 15 seconds to take effect. You are given a light sedative to squelch any stress and anxiety if you need.

Place The Lid Speculum To Prevent Blinking

Step 3 : Place The Lid Speculum To Prevent Blinking, Anesthesia

LASIK does not require any needles or shots for anesthesia. There are only anesthetic eyedrops will be placed in your eye. A device is used to hold back your eyelids. You are not able to blink during the procedure. It was a bit uncomfortable as the eyelids aren't anaesthetised but it wasn't too bad.

You will be awake throughout the procedure, surgeon need you to focus on staring straight. During a portion of the LASIK procedure, you will feel pressure on and around the eye, but you will never, at any time, experience any pain.

Create The Cornea Flap

Step 4 : Create The Cornea Flap

The LASIK surgeon applied the suction ring on your eye and your vision would disappear. This felt a bit like your eyeball was being pushed out the back of your head. The feeling is not especially painful, but not pleasant! (It is like that push very gently in the outside corner of your eye, you can see a blur appear on the opposite side of your field of vision.)

Then, there is a laser, you will feel the flap actually being cut. It wasn't at all painful, just a sensation. Once finished the suction ring was removed. The process takes around 10 seconds to complete.

Laser Treatment

Step 5 : Laser Treatment

You are asked to look at the green flashing blob that the step 1 has understand, the light is not actually the laser itself, it just helps keep your eyes fixed. The laser then began. You will hear a clicking sound during treatment and an arcing slice in the surface of your cornea, the moment it started you could smell the burning hair smell. The normal time for the entire procedure usually takes about 5 minutes in total.


Step 6 : After LASIK

The surgeon will flush the eye surface with saline solution and eye drops are placed in your eyes to moisturize and advance the healing process. A plastic eye shield will put over your eyes and your vision is very blurred. After about 15 minutes your eyes will begin to sting quite a lot and began watering. During the next half hour your vision gradually became more clear.

LASIK Eye Surgery Procedures Diary By Patient

At that moment I was actually high as the light was really pretty! I was telling myself not bad mah can see psychedelic rays throughout the surgery!
And then, the green dot disappear. Okay am I suppose to follow the red light now?
How come no one told me about the red light!
Then it became fuzzy and eventually, it returned to total darkness...

What Had Happened If I Move Or Blink My Eyes During LASIK?

During the LASIK, patients are usually asked to look at a light to prevent your eye from moving. It is important that the laser beam maintains a constant relationship with the eye. If your eye moves in the procedure, the surgeon may remove too much of your cornea, which could cause problems after the operation...