Complications & Risks Of LASIK - Infection.    5 Ways Prevent After Laser Eye Surgery

Infection is a serious complication of LASIK Eye Surgery. If not treated properly and quickly, infection can lead to diminished vision or in some cases, blindness. As with any surgery, a risk of infection is possible with LASIK, fortunately the infection is another rare risk. General statistics show an infection rate of 1:20 for LASIK versus contact lens use.

Complications & Risks Of LASIK - Infection


Sources of infectious contamination during LASIK surgery include the ocular flora, any instruments or sponges used during surgery, the surgeon's hands, blades from the first eye reused on the 2nd eye, or airborne contaminants.


Antibiotic eye drops are normally prescribed after surgery to prevent infections. If you notice an infection developing after your LASIK, you should immediately contact your eye surgeon.


5 Ways Prevent Infection After LASIK

1. Application Of Antibiotics & Antibiotic Drops

The first defense a powerful tool for preventing infection, in addition to careful aseptic technique, is the judicious application of both antiseptics and antibiotics. Today, fluoroquinolones such as ciprofloxacin, levofloxacin, and ofloxacin are considered the preferred agents for perioperative prophylactics during refractive procedures such as LASIK, LASEK, and PRK.

2. Avoid Touching Or Rubbing Eyes For 2 Weeks

Since the LASIK flap is not sutured, if you rub or touch your eyes, the LASIK flap may become dislodged, requiring repositioning and further treatment. In addition, touching your eyes can transmit contaminants to your eyes, increasing the risk of infection.

3. Avoid Eye Make-up For 1 Week

You may wear face make-up after 3 days, but avoid wearing eye make-up and applying lotions or creams around the eye for at least one week after procedure. It is strongly recommend that you buy new eye make-up, particularly mascara, eye liner and eye shadow, to avoid possible infection.

4. Avoid Swimming For 2 Weeks

To reduce the risk of infection from contaminated water, you should stay out of swimming pools for at least 2 weeks following your LASIK procedure, and rivers, lakes, hot tubs, sea and oceans for one month after your treatment.5 Ways Prevent Infection After LASIK

5. Take Baths Instead Of Showers For 2 Weeks

You may take showers and baths after your LASIK procedure, but try to keep your eyes closed to prevent the water, soap or shampoo from getting in your eyes. Be careful not to allow the water to strike your face directly for at least one week. When drying off, use a face cloth and avoid rubbing your eyes.