Complications & Risks Of LASIK - Induced Astigmatism

The symptoms of Induced Astigmatism is same as the regular astigmatism, but it is caused by LASIK complications. Symptoms of induced astigmatism include blurred vision, double vision and ghost images. The surgery permanently changes the shape of the cornea, although It is unusual, but possible and a botched LASIK procedure can cause it.

Complications & Risks Of LASIK - Induced Astigmatism


  • It probably due to a poor quality ablation and did not deliver the correct amount of laser energy to the correct places on the cornea.
  • Flap complications or other complications causing scarring may result in induced astigmatism.


Usually, Induced Astigmatism can be easily managed in combination with either an overcorrection or undercorrection of LASIK retreatment. Wear contact lenses or corrective glasses also can fix the problem.