Complications & Risks Of LASIK - Corneal Abrasion

Usually, a Microkeratome be used by LASIK Eye Surgery can cause a corneal abrasion or exacerbate an existing abrasion even with excellent surgical technique and a moistened eye.

Complications & Risks Of LASIK - Corneal Abrasion

People with a corneal abrasion will often complain of pain and foreign body sensation. The eye will often be red. Light sensitivity is often reported. Visual acuity may decrease slightly, greatly, or fluctuate. However abrasions usually heal in a short time period, sometimes within hours to three days. Deeper or larger scratches may take up to a week.


Corneal abrasion is a small breakdown in the epithelial surface caused when microkeratome makes the corneal flap.


Usually the corneal surface will often rapidly heal on its own in first three days after LASIK. If the abrasion is large, it may take a few days and your doctor may prescribe antibiotics to help prevent infections. It is important that you do not rub your eye, especially during the healing process.