Can I Go Blind After LASIK Eye Surgery?

According to the FDA, there have been no reported cases of a patient going blind due to LASIK Eye Surgery. In the worst case scenario, which is extremely rare (approximately 1 in 2000 cases) a patient would require a corneal transplant to correct a LASIK complication. The potentially serious complications including :

Can I Go Blind After LASIK Eye Surgery?
  1. Thin Flap
  2. Flap Wrinkles
  3. Central Corneal Islands
  4. Epithelial Ingrowth
  5. Haze Under The Flap
  6. Dislocated Corneal Flap
  7. Permanent Uncorrectable Blurry Vision Or Ghost Images
  8. Retinal Hemorrhage Or Damage To The Optic Never
  9. Infection
  10. Corneal Ectasia

The above complications are all rare and can usually be successfully treated. However, treatment may not completely correct these, or other problems, and the patient could, rarely, experience a permanent, non-treatable decrease in their best-corrected vision after LASIK.