Can I Have LASIK Surgery If I Had Over 40 Years Old?

The ideal age for LASIK is between the ages of 18 and 40 years old. If you are over 40 years old, you must carefully discuss the LASIK procedure with ophthalmologist since you may not be completely satisfied with your near vision due to presbyopia.

Can I Have LASIK Surgery If I Had Over 40 Years Old?

Presbyopia is a normal and expected consequence of the aging process. Beginning as you approach your 40's presbyopia occurs as the protein composition of the crystalline lens changes, making it harder and less flexible. When the crystalline lens loses its ability to flex, it is no longer able to change its shape and effectively bend light rays as sharply, and the ability to focus on near objects is diminished. LASIK has no effect on your eye's focusing muscles or on the crystalline lens, so it does not correct ordinary presbyopia.

In July of 2007, the FDA approved the procedure of Laser Blended Vision Surgery, also known as Monovision. Now, many eye surgeons are prescribing the operation to their patients over 40 years old to free them from using bifocal correction glasses.

Monovision correction involves correcting the dominant eye for farsightedness and the other eye for near sightedness. One of your eyes is set to see far objects well while the other is corrected to see near objects well. The brain fully adjusts to Monovision function in 6 to 8 weeks, ignoring the unfocused eye to give clear vision for both eyes.

You must understand that Monovision is a compromise that does not restore accommodation, but rather compensates for its loss, are most likely to adapt well to monovision. A survey done on LASIK patients using with the Monovision established that almost 85% of the patients found Monovision favorable enough and used it long enough. The remaining 15% found it uncomfortable and cannot get used to it and wanted to reverse the procedure by having the near eyes adjusted to complement the far eye.