Prepare Before LASIK Eye Surgery

1. Stop Certain Medications

Some common medications which can negatively affect LASIK. Be sure to mention it to your LASIK surgeons and you may need to stop the medications for a period of time before and / or after surgery, or will need to switch to a different medication.

1. Acne Medicine, Accutane
2. Birth Control Pills
3. Viagra
4. Imitrex
5. Antidepressants ...

2. Women Who Are Trying To Become Pregnant

The change in hormones can temporarily affect vision, therefore the LASIK may not be accurate. Women who are trying to become pregnant to have laser eye surgery until at least 2 menstrual cycles after giving birth.

5 Things To Prepare Before LASIK Eye Surgery

3. 2 - 4 Weeks Before : Stop Wearing Contact Lenses

  • Soft Contact Lenses :
    You should stop wearing it for 2 weeks before your initial evaluation.
  • Toric Soft Contact Lenses & Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses :
    You should stop wearing it for at least 3 weeks.
  • Hard Contact Lenses :
    You should stop wearing it for at least 4 weeks before initial evaluation.

4. Prepare For The Day Before LASIK

  • Arrange to take time off from work for at least a couple of days to allow your eyes to heal.
  • You need to have your skin as natural as possible, especially around your face. Avoid using any makeup, perfumes, scented creams, and lotions the day before your LASIK Eye Surgery. This will prevent the infection that might occur with your eyes.

5. Prepare For The Day Of LASIK

  • No makeup, no perfumes, no lotions and no creams.
  • Dress comfortably and casually. Don't wear bulky clothes or accessories, especially in your hair.
  • You won't be driving home after your LASIK procedure, so get a friend or family member to drive you to and from your appointment. LASIK is a day surgery, meaning after your surgery, you'll only stay at most for a few hours before being discharged.

7 Basic Facts You Must Know Before LASIK

1. More Than 18 Million Had LASIK In Worldwide, Overall Rating For Complication
2. LASIK Surgery Is Fairly Low Pain, Vision Improves Is So Quickly
3. Results Of Vision Is Greatly Improved, But Is Not A Miracle Surgery
4. Less Than Basic Cost Will Most Likely Be Swindle
5. Not Everyone Can Take ...

5 Common Fears Before LASIK Eye Surgery

1. Most Common Fears Is Pain
2. Fears Of Move During The Procedure
3. Fears Of A Blade On Eye
4. Fear Of Losing Eyesight
5. Fear Of The Eyes Being Open During The Procedure ...

8 Ways To Choose The Best LASIK Surgeon And Clinic

1. A Professional And Responsible Surgeon
2. Advanced, Mature Technology And Best Equipment
3. Do Not Let Prices Influence Your Decision When Choosing A LASIK Clinic
4. Preoperative And Postoperative Services
5. Minimum 5 Appointments With The Surgeon ...