5 Common Fears Before LASIK Eye Surgery

1. Most Common Fears Is Pain

LASIK procedures are normally done on patients who are neither unconscious nor heavily sedated, contributing the fear of experiencing pain during the operation. Before the treatment, your doctor will apply numbing drops to your eyes. Some patients feel a bit of pressure, however there is no pain with this procedure. Additionally, your doctor will give you a sedative, usually Valium to take off any edge you may be feeling before the treatment begins.

5 Common Fears Before LASIK Eye Surgery

2. Fears Of Move During The Procedure

If you move or look away, the laser tracks your eyeball. This means your LASIK surgeon can match the laser pulses to your eye movement and successfully complete your surgery even if you move your eyes. Many patients express a concern about blinking during the procedure. This is impossible due to a special retainer that gently helps to keep your eye open. And the laser is only used briefly, around ten to fifteen seconds per eye.

3. Fears Of A Blade On Eye

In the old days of LASIK, a blade was the only way to perform surgery. Today, with the latest technology employed by most doctors, the incision is made with a laser and thus avoiding having to use sharp objects.

4. Fear Of Losing Eyesight

The FDA has never reported a case of a patient going blind from the LASIK procedure. Less than 1% risk exists of any serious complication from LASIK. The risk of any permanent complications, such as halos or star bursts are less than 3%. Any vision disturbances that occur post-surgery can often be solved with retreatment.

5. Fear Of The Eyes Being Open During The Procedure

Even though a sedative is administered to help patients calm down before surgery, some patients are still fearful of having to watch the entire LASIK procedure. Your doctor will apply black out drops to your eyes, that will black out your vision for a period of 10-20 seconds. The loss of vision is very temporary, which is enough for the surgeon to do the procedure successfully.