7 Basic Facts You Must Know Before LASIK

1. More Than 18 Million Had LASIK In Worldwide, Overall Rating For Complication

For most people, there are a few minor side effects of the surgery. First is Dry Eyes, the second, A Sensitivity To Light.

There are reports of severe side effects, which have permanently impaired vision for some. The reasons for these conditions are unclear and can depend greatly on the individual as well as the doctor performing the surgery. Because of the possible risk of permanent damage, the FDA highly recommends patients seriously consider the possible risks from this surgery.

7 Basic Facts You Must Know Before LASIK

2. LASIK Surgery Is Fairly Low Pain, Vision Improves Is So Quickly

The basic process of LASIK is to create a small flap on the eye, wherein lasers can work on the cornea in order to reshape the lenses of these eyes. The surgery takes less than thirty minutes to perform. There are no needles to numb the area, only a few drops of anesthetic are needed.

Many patients are able to return to full-time work a couple of days after surgery, and vision improves almost as quickly.

3. Results Of Vision Is Greatly Improved, But Is Not A Miracle Surgery

More than 50% of all LASIK patients enjoyed perfect 20/20 vision after undergoing the procedure. About 88% of patients ended up with vision of 20/40 or better. But there are some risks involved, sometimes an initial Overcorrection or Undercorrection may occur and usually corrects itself in the first month.

A repeat surgery can usually be performed in an attempt to improve the uncorrected vision, and it is often successful. This usually takes place between six to twelve months after the initial LASIK surgery, after the vision has stabilized.

4. Less Than Basic Cost Will Most Likely Be Swindle

Advanced CustomVue Wavefront LASIK From £795 / per eye ; IntraLase + £300 per eye

However, some ads you can see for £399 LASIK surgery. It often treats only very low prescriptions with little or no astigmatism. Additionally, a patient may only have access to a specific laser. Prices increase dramatically as the prescription increases and advanced laser equipment. In addition, the initial exam, post-operative visits, and retreatment warranties are not included in that price.

5. Not Everyone Can Take

Stable vision and healthy cornea are the basic qualifications of LASIK. You should first consult with your ophthalmologist to make sure that laser eye treatment is the suitable procedure for your eye condition.

6. LASIK Can Not Heal Presbyopia Or Far-sightedness That Occurs In Middle Age

LASIK has no effect on your eye's focusing muscles or on the crystalline lens, so it does not correct ordinary presbyopia. Even if you had LASIK as a young person and achieve perfect vision, you still will develop to presbyopia, typically beginning between the ages of 40 and 50.

In July of 2007, the FDA approved the procedure of Monovision LASIK surgery, it is a compromise that does not restore accommodation, but rather compensates for its loss, are most likely to adapt well to monovision.

7. Post-operative Care Is Very Important

Post-operative care after LASIK is very important, it will affect your vision results and proper care will reduce the risk of complications. Thus, you must follow post-op eye care to the guideline.