Postoperative Care At Each Stages After LASIK

LASIK is an extremely advanced technology for surgical vision correction. Recent FDA studies show that over 98% of all patients receiving these new procedures were seeing 20/40 or better 6 months after surgery. Over 84% were seeing much better than 20/20 after 6 months. However, post-operative care is very important, it will affect your vision results and proper care will reduce the risk of complications. Here, let us look at the care focused on the various stages :

The LASIK Day -

Sleep With Eye Guards, Using Drops, No Reading, No Computer, No Watching TV

1 Day -

A Big Change In Vision, See Surgeon, No Makeup, Avoid Rubbing Eyes, Using Drops

1 Week -

Great Vision, See Surgeon, Can Use Creams But No Eye Makeup, Avoid Strenuous And Contact Sports

3 Weeks -

Great Vision Stabilize, Life Return Normal, See Surgeon, Wear Sun-glasses

3 - 6 Months -

See Surgeon, Re-operation Is Contemplated

Postoperative Care At Each Stages After LASIK

5 Foods Need To Avoid, 4 Important Factors Of Diet

1. Avoid Sugar
2. Avoid Refined Flour (Maida)
3. Avoid Trans-fats (Vanaspati)
4. Try to reduce quantity of fried food and prefer the dishes prepared on pair
5. As much as possible to reduce the use of coffee and cigarettes...

8 Preferred Foods For Good Eyesight

1. Cold Water Fish ( Preferred Salmon )
2. Carrot
3. Vegetables ( Preferred Spinach & Kale & Broccoli & Corn )
4. Fruits And Berries
5. Eggs ...

5 Ways Prevent Infection

1. Application of antibiotics & antibiotic drops
2. Avoid touching or rubbing eyes for 2 weeks
3. Avoid eye make-up for 1 week
4. Avoid swimming for 2 weeks
5. Take baths instead of showers for 2 weeks ...

12 Tips For Fast Recovery

If Necessary, Can I Wear Contact Lenses After LASIK?

The general rule is that if you were comfortable wearing contact lenses prior to laser vision correction, you can still wear the Custom Gas Permeable and Hybrid Contact Lenses after 6 months ...