8 Preferred Foods For Good Eyesight After LASIK

After LASIK, you need to supplement some nutrients to keep your good vision. Good nutrition and eating, products containing the required number of important nutrients, it is one of the easiest, and certainly the most enjoyable way to combat the deterioration of vision.

1. Cold Water Fish ( Preferred Salmon )

The major source of Omega 3 fatty acids is Fish. For vegetarians, Marine Algae is an acceptable alternative.

Preferred Salmon is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamins A and D, which make it one of the most popular food for improving eyesight. Just 2-3 servings of fresh salmon in your weekly menu and you would reap the benefits in no time.

Tuna Tuna and other oily and cold water fish are to be second choice, include sardines, mackerel, cod and tuna.

8 Preferred Foods For Good Eyesight After LASIK

2. Carrot

Carrot is rich in Vitamin A ( Beta Carotene ), a substance which is extremely positive effect on eyesight especially night vision and even helps to fight major diseases such as cataracts.

3. Vegetables ( Preferred Spinach & Kale & Broccoli & Corn )

Vegetables are rich in carotenoids , with lutein of particular interest. This is a pigment that protects the macula from damage via sunlight. It is possible to name Spinach the champion of green vegetables under the maintenance of the substances well influencing sight. It contains four most important for your eyes of substance. This vitamin C, beta carotene, as well as a large number of lutein and zeaxanthin.

Other Good For Eyesight : Broccoli, Collard Greens, Green Peas, Kale, Romaine Lettuce, Turnip Greens, Zucchini.

4. Fruits And Berries

Preferred Apricots & Grapes & Bilberries & Blueberries
Fruits contain a lot of Vitamin C, Vitamin A , Vitamin E and Beta-carotene. Berries Berries contain natural plant chemicals called flavonoids that play an important part in the protection of the most sensitive areas of the eye.

5. Eggs

Eggs are rich in sulfur, cysteine, lecithin and again, lutein.

6. Nuts And Seeds

These contain zinc which is important for retina function. Zinc is also required to release Vitamin A from the liver which is then used by the eye.

7. Garlics And Onions

Garlics and Onions are also rich in sulfur, which is required for the synthesis of glutathione which is an antioxidant for the whole body, including the eye lens.

8. Chinese Wolfberry & Chrysanthemum

Wolfberries contain beta-carotene, Vitamins C, B1, B2 and other vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids. The Chrysanthemum Flower has been used for thousands of years in China to increase the strength of the retina and clear heat from the eyes. It reduces inflammation of the retina as well as nourishes the retina.