12 Tips For Fast Recovery After LASIK

1. Rest Or Sleep For Few Hours After LASIK

The best thing to do immediately after LASIK is to go home and rest as much as possible for the remainder of the day. Try to sleep the first few hours because keeping your eyes closed speed your recovery and help reduce discomfort. Avoid reading, watching TV or working on the computer for the first 24 to 48 hours that may be strenuous to your eyes.

12 Tips For Fast Recovery After LASIK

2. Use Antibiotics & Antibiotic Drops

Your doctor will prescribe medicated and lubricated eye drops to assist with the LASIK healing and recovery process and prevent infection and displaced flap. It is important to take these medications exactly as prescribed by the doctor.

3. Avoid Touching Or Rubbing Eyes For 2 Weeks

No matter how bad they burn or itch, do not touch your eyes. Since the LASIK flap is not sutured, if you rub or touch your eyes, the flap may become dislodged, requiring repositioning and further treatment. In addition, touching your eyes can transmit contaminants to your eyes, increasing the risk of infection. If the pain or discomfort is unbearable, consult your doctor who can prescribe something to help alleviate the problem.

4. Avoid Any Facial Applications For 1 Week

Avoid applying any facial applications, especially around your eyes. Creams, lotions and make-up should be avoided to prevent infection. Eye liner, eye shadow and mascara are especially dangerous because small particles from the make-up can enter or irritate your eye.

5. Consider Taking Baths Instead Of Showers For 2 Weeks

You may take showers and baths after the procedure, but try to keep your eyes closed to prevent the water, soap or shampoo from getting in your eyes. Be careful not to allow the water to strike your face directly for at least one week. When drying off, use a face cloth and avoid rubbing your eyes.

6. Wear A Protective Eye Shield While Sleeping For 2 Weeks

After your LASIK surgery, your doctor should provide you with some form of an eye shield to protect your eyes. To prevent accidentally rubbing or poking your eyes while sleeping, wear a protective shield over your eyes for the first three nights.

7. Protect Your Eyes From The Sun

You'll find that your eyes are incredibly sensitive to bright light, especially sunlight, post-surgery. You may want to consider wearing your sunglasses indoors if the indoor lighting is bothering you as well. Wearing dark sunglasses to protect you from the sun or bright light is important for helping your cornea heal.

8. Avoid Driving For 2 Days


9. Visit Doctor Regularly

Visit your doctor within 24 hours after your LASIK surgery has been completed. Your doctor can monitor your recovery progress and determine if you need any type of medication like pain killers or eye drops to prevent infection.

10. Take 2 Days Off Work

You may be able to return to work the day following your LASIK procedure, but if possible, take a couple of days off work until the post-LASIK symptoms get better.

12 Tips For Fast Recovery After LASIK

11. Avoid Playing Sports And Swimming

Two to three days after the procedure, you can resume non-contact sports such as running, golf, if you feel capable. Wear a headband to keep sweat out of your eyes.
Strenuous or contact sports such as boxing, football, karate should not be attempted for at least one month after LASIK.
To reduce the risk of infection from contaminated water, you should stay out of swimming pools for at least 2 weeks, and rivers, lakes, hot tubs, sea and oceans for one month after your treatment.

12. Contact Your Doctor Immediately If You Suspect A Problem

After your procedure, you should expect some common symptoms such as burning and tearing, foreign body sensation, sensitivity to light, and discomfort. These symptoms should get better within 2-3 days. If your symptoms get worse or if you suspect a problem, you should contact your surgeon immediately and not wait for your scheduled visit.

In the absence of complications, your next appointments are usually 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year after LASIK.