What Is Lasek? Should I Have Lasek Or LASIK?

Laser Epithelial Keratomileusis ( LASEK) is an upgrade of a PRK. It is a complement for peoples who are not a good candidates of LASIK. The LASEK procedure is virtually the same as LASIK. The difference between the LASIK and LASEK procedures is the cutting tool used to create the epithelial flap.

In LASIK, a microkeratome cutting tool or a special laser is used, in the LASEK procedure, a tool called a trephine is used. The trephine of Lasek is instead of making a deep flap to allow access to the stroma, a much thinner flap is used, only removing the thin outer covering of the eye. It must be noted that there are serious questions as to the impact this alcohol has as it permeates various structures in the eye.

What Is Lasek? Should I Have Lasek Or LASIK?

Visual recovery is faster in LASIK than LASEK, and having the LASEK procedure is also generally more painful than a LASIK procedure and the discomfort may last for a week or so. In normal, since LASIK has a more comfortable and shorter recovery period, over 85% of laser eye surgeries are carried out using the LASIK technique.

Costs :

£995 - £1,995 per eye

Suitable For People Of Lasek

  • People who can't have the LASIK because the clear outer lens of their eye, the cornea , is too thin or too flat.
  • People who shouldn't have a flap cut into their cornea because of their occupation, such as pilots or athletes.


It is same as LASIK, PRK and other types of refractive surgery.