Different Type Of Laser Eye Surgery Treat To Astigmatism

Laser eye surgery has been found to be extremely effective in dealing with astigmatism. However, the surgery for astigmatism is very different and rather more complicated than having laser surgery to treat short sightedness or long sightedness.

One of the most popular procedures is LASIK, which can be used to treat other eye conditions beside astigmatism. And LASEK is excellent for severe visual problems of astigmatism. Here the laser of LASEK surgery applies the corrections through the inlay instead of having it directly into the corneal tissues. The flap is then placed back to its original position and by then the patients visual acuity is corrected.

Different Type Of Laser Eye Surgery Treat To Astigmatism

There are many different types of astigmatism. It is important that your doctor identifies which type of astigmatism you have before making corrections to your eye.

1. The Irregular Astigmatism - Most Difficult

In irregular astigmatism, the cornea has many bumps and waves that may reflect light unevenly. Every patient with irregular astigmatism will require custom evaluation, because each case is unique. The LASIK is generally custom designed for the particular individual, taking into account the specific irregularities of the cornea.

2. Regular Astigmatism - Simple

In regular astigmatism, the cornea is oblong, shaped like a football, instead of a sphere. Someone with regular astigmatism will see a single dot as two perpendicular lines instead. Laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis, LASIK, Photorefractive keratectomy or LASEK, are other surgical options for treatment.

Different brands of devices from different manufacturers may be able to correct astigmatism to various degrees. A wavefront LASIK machine may actually correct myopia up to 12.0 diopters with up to 6.0 diopters astigmatism, and the same machine may treat hyperopia up to 6.0 diopters with allocation of 5.0 diopters maximum for astigmatism. Some PKR or LASIK devices may correct very high degrees of myopia or hyperopia, but only up to 3.0 diopters of astigmatism.

Attention : All-Laser LASIK, PRK, LASEK and Epi-LASIK may correct some of its effects, but causing a reversal of lenticular astigmatism in the cornea.