Guidebook For Pro Laser Teeth Bleaching In-office

5 Laser Teeth Bleaching Systems In-office

1. Zoom! - It is the most popular of the laser tooth bleaching market. You can get 6 - 10 shades brighter whites ...

2. BriteSmile - Same manufactured as Zoom! and looks very similar. If you're looking for a spa experience, it is better ...

3. Rembrandt One-Hour - It is one of the main players in the market. The average costs is around $300-$500 per treatment ...

4. LaserSmile - Is the first commercially available laser for tooth whitening. It provides Targeted-specific gentle, safe, fast ...

5. LumaArch - Perhaps it dose not have the best results but it is the fastest white as compared with other laser systems ...

2 Teeth Whitening No Light Systems In-office

1. Opalescence Xtra Boost No Light - It is the only pro bleaching system can be used to children, young people in office ...

2. Niveous No Light - The cost is half of the other laser system. It give good results even without the use of lasers or light ...

Porcelain Veneer & Dental Veneer

Porcelain veneers are a thin overlay that is bonded directly to the tooth, this gives the tooth a completely new surface. It is the only way to tetracycline staining. It is somewhat expensive, but the life of dental veneer is approximately 10-15 years.

Guidebook For Pro Laser Teeth Whitening In-office


The Average Costs
Does Laser Bleaching In-office Worth The Costs?

Compare For Zoom! & BriteSmile
Compare For Original Zoom!, Zoom! 2 And Zoom! 3

The Expect, How Long Can I See Results? Is It Permanent? How Long Last?
Does The Bleaching Laser Or Lights Are Useful?
Are Laser Bleaching Better Than Home Whitening? Why Does In-office Followed Up With An At-home Whitener?
Should I Choose Laser Teeth Bleaching In-office Or Using At-home Kits?
4 Ways To Maintain Whitening Results, Some Foods Must To Avoid

6 Common Risks
The Safety
9 Situations Can Not Whitening Teeth. Are You A Good Candidate?