Guidebook For Pro Niveous No Light Teeth Bleaching In-office

The Niveous is Shofu Dental Corporation's product and has a 25% Hydrogen Peroxide-based compound a pH of 7. It is a one-visit in-office treatment without using a heating lamp or light system. After treatment, you will have the least amount of 7 shades and last 2 years. It worth noting that, the price of Niveous is half of the other laser teeth bleaching system in-office.

Guidebook For Pro Niveous No Light Teeth Whitening In-office

The Niveous kit comes with proprietary booster micro-brushes have a special coating that increases the oxidizing of the Hydrogen Peroxide when used to distribute the gel on the enamel, which optimizes the whitening results.

Many recent studies by prominent dentists have shown that bleaching compounds contained in tooth whitening products seem to work well and give good results even without the use of lasers or lights. It seems the only thing a light can accomplish is dehydration of the teeth, which can make teeth look whiter temporarily (usually a few hours). The Niveous' whitening results proved to have the longest longevity.

Costs :

The average prices is around $250 per treatment. No take home system.

Procedure :

Niveous treatments usually take about an hour from start to finish. Each bleaching session is broken down into two individual applications of the Niveous teeth whitener, with the duration of each application being 15 minutes. The cumulative exposure of your teeth to the Niveous gel is 30 minutes.