Guidebook For Pro LumaArch Teeth Bleaching In-office

Professional LumaArch is uses a 35% Hydrogen Peroxide based bleaching compound and a pH of 5.5. Perhaps LumaArch dose not have the best whitening results but it is the fastest great white as compared with other professional laser teeth whitening systems in-office. The each bleaching session of LumaArch in-office is broken down into three individual applications, with the duration of each application being 8 minutes. It means that the cumulative exposure to the LumaArch gel is 24 minutes to delivers 2 - 4 shades. The amount of time required is about one third less as compared with others.

Guidebook For Pro LumaArch Teeth Whitening In-office

The laser light of LumaArch is a xenon-halogen bleaching light that launch a blue-green coloration. Unlike other laser bleaching systems, there is no heat generated to the teeth and the gums. This greatly increases the safety of the procedure and decreases the possibility of sensitivity.

Costs :

The average prices is around $500 per treatment.

Safety :

The unique xenon halogen lamps of LumaArch is no heat in the activation process, helping to ensure a high safety standards and an unparalleled degree of patient comfort. As compared with other laser bleaching system, the amount of cumulative exposure of the patient's teeth for LumaArch laser light is about one third less. This means that you get more security for LumaArch treatment. However, like others, it is still not recommended for children under 16 years and pregnant or lactating women.

4 Steps For LumaArch Procedures With Images

Laser LumaArch Procedures

Step 1 : Isolated Teeth, Place Eye Protection, Coating Over Gums

Teeth are isolated to hold your lips away from teeth and apply masking cream to your lower lip. The peroxide bleaching compounds used in the LumaArch is caustic nature and the laser light used to activate the bleaching agent, so eye protection is necessary. Placed the coating protection to protect your gums.

Laser LumaArch Procedures

Step 2 : Placed LumaArch Whitening Gel On Teeth

LumaArch gel is 35% Hydrogen Peroxide concentration and a pH of 5.5. Your dentist will placed the LumaArch whitening gel 1-2 mm thick on your teeth.

Laser LumaArch Procedures

Step 3 : Laser-activated By LumaArch Energy

The LumaArch light use of a xenon-halogen bleaching light and it has a blue-green coloration. One individual applications of exposure teeth to the LumaArch light being 8 minutes.

Laser LumaArch Procedures

Step 4 : Rinse And Another Two Individual Applications

Removal the LumaArch whitening gel from teeth using suction. Two individual applications of the LumaArch Procedures from Step 2 - Step 4. This means that the cumulative exposure of your teeth to the LumaArch teeth whitening gel is 24 minutes.