Guidebook For Pro LaserSmile Teeth Bleaching In-office

Professional LaserSmile System is the first commercially available laser for teeth bleaching procedures. It combines advanced laser technology (LaserSmile diode laser, the emission spectrum is very precise) with a specialized photo-activated gel (37% Hydrogen Peroxide, pH 7). LaserSmile provides Targeted-specific gentle, safe, fast and on average 9 shades lighter in just one visit about 45 minutes and only 24 minutes actual laser use, results will last for about 1 - 2 years.

Guidebook For Pro LaserSmile Teeth Whitening In-office

Costs :

It is one of the most expensive bleaching procedures. The average cost is around $700 - $1000 per treatment. The dental insurance does not typically cover the cost of it.


LaserSmile is an safe, effective procedure and has immediate results. The gel maximally absorbs monochromatic laser light, thus during laser procedure warmth that negatively affect teeth tissues isn't released. The dramatically shorter treatment time (about 30 mins) avoids excess heat and sensitivity common to other whitening devices, promoting your comfort and safety. It has been utilized safely in dental offices for over 100 years. However, LaserSmile still do not recommended for children under 16 years and pregnant or lactating women.

5 Steps For LaserSmile Procedures With Images

LaserSmile Procedures

Step 1 : Isolated Teeth, Place Eye Protection

Teeth are isolated to hold your lips away from your teeth. The best comfortable is that LaserSmaile is no gel trays to insert, not so bad. Because of the caustic nature of the Peroxide bleaching compounds used in LaserSmile treatments and the laser light used to activate the bleaching agent, eye protection is required and worn for protection.

                                            Step 2 : Protect To Your Gums

                                            Placed to the gingival protection to protect your gums.

LaserSmile Procedures

Step 3 : Placed LaserSmile Whitening Gel On Teeth

LaserSmile gel has a 37% Hydrogen Peroxide concentration and a pH of around 7. Your dentist will placed the LaserSmile whitening gel on your teeth.

LaserSmile Procedures

Step 4 : Laser-activated By LaserSmile Energy

Gel is laser-activated in 15-second intervals and repeated as necessary. During the LaserSmile process a heating effect is avoided because the laser is only exposed to a few teeth at a time and even then only about 15 seconds.

LaserSmile Procedures

Step 5 : Remove The Protection

Gel is rinsed off and gum protection is removed. After treatment on average 9 shades lighter.