Are Professional Laser Teeth Bleaching Better Than Home Whitening?
Why Does In-office Followed Up With An At-home Whitener?

Consider the price, whitening results and easy to use, using a teeth whitening kits at home is proved to be just as good as professional laser teeth bleaching in office. The key factor of whitening effect is the cumulative exposure of the person's teeth to the whitener. Using a low of 7-10% concentration peroxide for 2 weeks treatments on your own or a much higher of 25% concentration of peroxide for 1 hour in-office can both be expected to produce the same result.

Why Does Teeth Whitening In-office Followed Up With An At-home Whitener?

Of course, laser bleaching in office will make the teeth whiter right away and you won't have to worry about doing anything extra, and the results can last 1 - 2 years. At home whitening is require you to keep working for two weeks and the whitening results only can last about 5-8 months. However, home whiteners that comes at a significantly lower cost than what you will pay for laser bleaching.

The average costs of laser bleaching in-office is about $500, some dentists feel that their professional treatment should be followed up with the use of an at-home whitener, it will be an additional cost for $200. The prices of home whitening kits are generally not more than $40.

Why Does In-office Followed Up With An At-home Whitener?

1. Results Is Depend On The Cumulative Exposure To Whitener

Using a low concentration peroxide over a series of individual treatments at home or a much higher concentration of peroxide over a much shorter time frame in-office can both be expected to produce the same whitening result. When you have laser teeth bleaching treatment in-office, in addition to professional whitener bleach your teeth white, the laser light will dehydrated your teeth and bring teeth become even more white. However when your teeth restoration of water, the teeth color will relapse a little. So followed up with an at-home whitener will make your teeth to achieve the time of exposure to whitener.

2. An At-home Whitener Can Whitening The Back Teeth

Pro laser bleaching treatments in-office are characteristically performed on those teeth toward the front of a person's mouth. Following up with an at-home whitening system can provide a means by which to lighten the back teeth so their color blends in and matches more closely with the new shade of the anterior teeth.