The Average Costs Of Pro Laser Teeth Bleaching In-office

For many people, the laser teeth bleaching In-office might seem like an expensive option and dental insurance does not typically cover the costs. It is about $350 - $1000 per treatment and the average cost is about $400. However, the instantaneous advantage of one-hour whitening is hard to resist. Especially it is also a suitable option for those with sensitive teeth. Some dentists feel that the treatments should be followed up with the use of an at-home whitener. If so, you can expect that there will be an additional cost for this additional treatment, it is about $200.

The Average Prices Of Pro Laser Teeth Whitening In-office

The Average Costs Of Different Brands

Zoom! : $450 - $700
BriteSmile : $500
Rembrandt : $300 - $500
LaserSmile : $700 - $1000
LumaArch : $500
Opalescence Xtra Boost : $250 - $350
Niveous : $250

The laser bleaching process is usually accomplished in a single visit, it will take about an hour and your teeth will be whiter by about 9 - 10 shades. One point you have to remember is that the life of whitening is limited, you will have to go in for further sessions at intervals of 1 - 2 years.

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