Laser Hair Removal Guidebook Only For Women

Laser hair removal is a good option for woman because of safe, painless and shed the hairs quickly, but there is a little emptied of your purse. Some of the more common laser treatment areas for a woman include the face, legs and bikini line.

For Facial Hair


  • Women become increasingly susceptible to the growth of facial hair as they age to be attributed to a Hormone Imbalance and Genetics. Laser is the greatest weapon against women's facial hair!
  • Often 5 minutes or less for women's facial laser treatment such as the chin, the upper lip or mustache area.
  • Need an average of 4 sessions for a final result.
  • The costs of one session is, Full Face : £100-150 ($200-300); Upper Lip or Chin : £40-90 ($80-120); Eyebrows : £80-120

Laser Hair Removal Guidebook Only For Female

For Bikini And Pubic Hair


  • Bikini hair is too much trouble for women. It not only affects aesthetic and pubic area is also a region of common occurring folliculitis, inflammation and infection of the hair follicles. Laser hair removal has been very helpful in reducing or eliminating to hair growth and diminishing or stopping to recurrent folliculitis.

  • Often 10 minutes or less for women's bikini line by laser treatment.
  • Need an average of 4 laser sessions for a final result.
  • Prices of one session is, Regular Bikini : £50-120 ($100-200) ; Brazilian Bikini : £100-180 ($150-250)
  • Shaving or waxing bikini is more painful and ingrowing hairs occur more frequently.

For Areola


  • The areola of women is more sensitive. Laser will not stimulate to breast and areola, it does not produce melanin disorders or cancer also.
  • The laser procedure takes about 5 minutes for both areolas.
  • Need an average of 3 sessions for a final result.
  • Prices of one session is about £30-100 ($50-150)

For Underarms Hair


  • Laser hair reduction to women's underarms is one of the fastest procedures in the industry, it will takes a matter of minutes.
  • Need an average of 4 treatments for a final result.
  • The prices of one session for both underarms is : £50-100 ($120-200).

For Legs


LHR Guidebook Only For Women
  • Many women shave their legs everyday and shaving legs for most woman has to be incorporated into an already busy maintenance program. So laser treatment for women's legs has become increasingly popular.

  • The laser procedure takes about 50 minutes for both legs.
  • Need an average of 4 treatments for a final result.
  • The prices of one session is, Both half legs : £150-280 ($200-350); Both full legs : £250-350 ($350-500)

  • Some area of the legs (over the shins and around the ankles) are somewhat sensitive and you may require a topical anesthetic during the first session or two until the amount of hair remaining is reduced to a manageable level.

Laser Hair Removal For Pregnancy


  • During this time, the hormonal changes often cause increased hair growth on their facial, legs, abdomens and breasts.
  • In order to reach the hair follicles laser beams must pass through the skin not farther than few millimeters. Therefore, laser light will penetrate deeper to cause any damage to the developing baby.
  • Extreme caution should be taken before using any medication for laser pain management during pregnancy.
  • Most people believe that laser treatment is completely safe during early pregnancy. But women who opt for laser in their last trimesters during pregnancy, should at all costs avoid having it done around their abdomens, breasts and bikini.
  • However, it is best to wait until after the baby is delivered if you can.

Laser Treatment For Hirsutism


  • While there are many causes of hirsutism in female, the increased level of androgens in the body is undoubtedly the most important one. Women suffering from hirsutism have dark, thick hair on the face, chest, abdomen and back.

  • Laser hair removal is a highly convenient, long lasting and popular method for hair reduction. It is possible to treat larger areas and thick hair for women's hirsutism such as the back, shoulders, arms, legs and face. However, laser treatment must combine long-term medication.



  • The women's hair for laser treatment must be darker than the surrounding skin.
  • The usual side effects of post laser treatment is erythema that means redness of the skin and edema. Many blisters may become visible in people who have dark skin.
  • Consumers may suffer moles discoloration, loss of freckles, lightening or darkening of tattoo color after the treatment.
  • Caution to laser treated with pregnant.
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