A Woman's Personal Laser Hair Removal For Bikini Journal

After years of nightmare hair removal options, I finally decided to look into laser hair removal options. My research led me to a consultation at Manhattan's salon. At my consultation I wasn't expecting to go under the laser. In fact, I wasn't sure what to expect. My technician, Michelle, was laid-back, confident and attentive. When I asked what the results would look like, she lifted her arm and showed me the most perfect hairless armpit I'd ever seen. Knowing I was writing an article, she even showed me her bikini line. I was blown away with the possibility of never having to shave again.

Basic information

Procedure : Underarm and Bikini
Machine : Epilight Laser
Consumer Name : Elise
Consumer Age : 33
Prices : Both Underarms / Bikini Line $150. On average, 4 to 6 treatments, spread out over 4 to 6 weeks are recommended.

Describe The Laser Hair Removal Procedure

After asking me questions about my ethnic background and assessing my skin and hair type Michelle calibrated the laser to a setting that would work best for me. She gave me goggles to wear to protect my eyes and then the ice cold jelly-like goo is squeezed onto all the soon-to-be-lasered spots. The goo apparently protects skin and offers some barrier from the heated light.

Then, Michelle placed the laser on my skin and basically worked along my bikini line. For lack of a better word, "zapped" away. The laser delivers a burst of light to the area through a handheld crystal. It wasn't painful, but I wouldn't call it pleasant either. Essentially the laser is "attacking" the hair follicles. Fortunately, the handheld device treats approximately 1 square inch with every "zap," so it took very little time. The laser produced a mild singed-hair smell, but it was not unpleasant.

A Woman's Personal Laser Hair Reduction For Bikini Journal

Once the lasering was over, Michelle scooped up the goo, I got dressed and that was it. No need for creams or lotions or potions. Michelle told me the hair would fall out within 2 weeks. On my way out the door the woman at the reception desk told me I was going to love the results. I left happy and confident she was right. Then the waiting began.

After the first treatment, my skin looked as though I was sunburned, but the redness faded within a day or so. Subsequent treatments did not leave me red and tender at all. I've tried the Epilight laser for my bikini area, but the Candela laser worked much better. Within days of my first treatment I noticed my skin was smooth and clear -- no ingrown hairs or marks! I'm thrilled with the results. I highly recommend this form of hair reduction and have told all of my friends about it.

Two Weeks Later

The hair was gone and a new hair cycle had just barely begun to grow in. Hair grows in cycles so you should get about 6 treatments to ensure you kill all the hair follicles. A month after my first treatment I went in for my second.

The Time Spend For Treatment

Bikini / Both Underarms : 5 to 11 minutes

I've already done four treatments, and it looks as though I'll need one more.
I have some regrowth but it's so fine and light that I can simply shave it off.

On A Scale Of 1-10, With 10 Being The Pain : A 2-3

The initial treatment were more painful than the latter ones. But, be warned: during the very first bikini treatment, I experienced severe pain in the sensitive labia area. Mercifully, it only lasted 20 seconds or so. Subsequent visits were much more tolerable. All in all, the entire procedure was much less painful than electrolysis or waxing.

On A Scale Of 1-10, With 10 Being Embarrassing : A 3

During the bikini procedure I was naked, spread-eagle on the table! This is definitely not a procedure for someone very shy.

A Woman's Personal Laser Hair Reduction Journal

On A Scale Of 1- 10, With 10 Exceeding Expectations : A 10
I'm thrilled with the results! I never imagined I could have such smooth, clear, skin in areas where I was once plagued with ingrown hairs or stubble. Just knowing I'll never have to wax again is an enormous relief (especially on my wallet).

Did Anything Surprise You?
Not really. Since I had tried laser hair reduction before I was prepared and basically knew what to expect. Everything that surprised me (like how smooth my skin was after the second session and how fast it was) was a pleasant surprise!

The Most Like About The Results
Having so little regrowth and not having to resort to additional method of hair removal. Now if I have a hair or two, I just shave it.

The Least Like About The Results
After the initial treatment I was a little sore and red, but it was comparable to post-waxing discomfort. The second treatment and all subsequent treatments never left me sore or red.

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