What Is The Best Season To Get Laser Hair Removed?
Winter Or Summer?

In fact, laser hair removal can be performed throughout the year. The season doesn't matter, just avoid to tanning. So, for the majority of people who plan to have laser treatment, Winter is the best season, especially if you are treating an area that receives sun exposure. However, in the winter season the costs is slightly higher than in summer due to the different demands in these seasons.

More Effective

With less sun exposure during the Winter months, your skin is generally lighter. If you have laser hair reduction treatment when your skin is at its lightest, it minimizes the chances of any skin color changes and the laser can pick up the pigment easier. It also allows the physician to treat you at the optimal setting for your skin type and hair characteristics. It means that you may be able to treat more safely on higher treatment parameters, therefore making your treatment even more effective.

Winter Is The Best Season To Get Laser Hair Reduction

Less Risks

Sun exposure is a major contraindication for LHR. Increased melanin in the skin will compete for the laser energy intended for the hair follicle beneath the skin. It is more susceptible to certain side effects including Blistering or Hyperpigmentation of the skin. After laser treatment, even a small amount of sun exposure can cause severe burns and inflammation, they are the most common reasons to cause of Hyperpigmentation. So, less sun exposure and tanning in Winter means less risks of having any reactions to laser treatments.

In addition, after laser treatment your skin will become very sensitive to light. During Summer months, when your newly-laser-treated skin are exposed to more sunlight, this can lead to some irritation. When you do it in Autumn or Winter, that problem is avoided and by the time Spring comes, any sensitivity has long since been gone.

Easy To Care

You need to refrain from waxing, tweezing, bleaching, depilatory creams after laser hair removal treatment, including any time between treatments. It is easier to get it done during the Winter months. After laser treatment, you need to protect the skin against sun exposure for at least 1 month. It is easier to do in the Winter too.

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