Laser Hair Removal For Underarm Hair & Arms & Hands

Remove unwanted armpits hair by laser is a common procedure. It is very safe and is one of the fastest procedure in laser therapy since the underarm is a small area. So, it requiring only 10 minutes of treatment time and generally without much pain. A patient can get highly successful results in 3-5 treatments with an interval of 6-8 weeks. One to two sessions will help thin out the hair, and after sessions your hair will be removed. The average cost is about £50-100 ($120-200) , touch-up treatments is needed annually or biannually to maintain results.

While men aren't expected to have bare underarms as women are, men are turning to laser hair reduction to reduce the amount of underarm hair. Having excessive underarm hair can lead to unpleasant body odor and can be visually unattractive while wearing sleeveless shirts and tanks. Most men see dramatic hair reduction results just after the first laser treatment.

Laser Hair Reduction For Underarm Hair & Arms & Hands

Laser is also an ideal treatment for permanent hair reduction for any undesired hair growth on the upper arms or forearms of men and women. It is with less pain or irritation than traditional methods like waxing and it has minimal side effects if the procedure is done properly. Laser treatment for both full arms will cost £150-£300 ($300-400) per treatment and span a few minutes to about an hour.

Currently, hair removal using IPL technology is also very popular. In the battle of IPL versus Laser treatment, cost is often the deciding factor. Lasers equipment is expensive, between £50,000-130,000 for Diode or Nd:Yag types and demanded a lot of maintenance. IPL device is often cheaper, it only about £20,000-50,000. The lower prices is the biggest reason why the IPL is so popular. The typical prices of per session for IPL is about half of laser treatment. However, the cheap is only on the surface. In fact, you will need about double sessions to get the results and to maintain it than you would with lasers. In the long-term, you will spend the same. Both of effectiveness is also much debated. Generally the result is close to equivalent, however, IPL might cause more side effects than laser hair removal.

The bottom line is: Patients with Darker Skin (Skin Type IV, V, VI) are recommended to Laser Hair Removal. Patients who only need to reduce the density of hairs are recommended to IPL Hair Removal because less sessions can meet it and the total cost of treatment is cheap.

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