6 Useful Tips About Laser Hair Removal Treatments

1. IPL And Laser Have A Big Difference

IPL is a light therapy and not a traditional laser. An IPL machine operates on broad light spectrum, sending out multiple wavelenghts, thereby affecting multiple types of underlying structures, using a series of intense overlayed energy. So, IPL is not pin-point accurate lasers and the margin for error is considerably higher. It may cause burning and result in scarring specifically for darker skin if not very skilfully handled in comparison to the nd:YAG Laser. In the battle of IPL versus Laser Hair Removal, cost is often the deciding factor. The typical prices of per session for IPL is about half of laser. In fact, you will need about double sessions to get the results and to maintain it. In the long-term, you will spend the same.

2. Fairly Expensive, But Is On The Surface

It is fairly expensive, especially when compared to the price of a single treatment session of every hair reduction methods. For example, to remove facial hair, one session that would be needed will cost approximately £150, depending upon where you live. In fact, we estimated the price for 35 years using the per treatment cost and figuring out how often most people would have to use each method, assuming they start about age 15 and slow down at about age 50, laser hair reduction is actually one of the most inexpensive methods along with shaving. Charges of Electrolysis are by the length of treatment, it is more expensive than laser because Electrolysis requires a lot of treatment time.

6 Useful Tips About Laser Hair Reduction Treatments


3. Dramatic Results

Many people prefer hair removal by laser because they see dramatic results from having it done. Most people will see that the 60-90% of hairs are greatly reduced and hair which does regrow is often much finer and lighter in color after 4-6 sessions. The laser system also provides excellent outcomes in the face, underarm area and neck.

4. It Is Most Important To Choose Right For Your

The working principle of laser hair reduction is simple. The dark colors attract light, light colors reflect light. The skin will absorb more of the laser if there are high content of melanin in your skin. The skin will be unsafe and the hair follicles absorb the volume of laser will be reduced. Each type of laser machine has the different wavelength of light and the melanin is especially effective at absorbing shorter wavelengths. So, choosing the right laser machine is so crucial for your hair removal result.

5. Darker Skin And Lighter Hair Also Have The Opportunity

Today's manufacturers are continually developing new types of Laser, IPL or Ultrasonic technology to enable those with lighter hair and darker skin to fully enjoy laser hair removal benefits as well. ELOS Hair Removal System combines RF and a high power Diode Laser that can remove even minimally-pigmented hair colors on all skin tones, even tan ones. The Nd:Yag Laser has been proven particularly effective on even the darkest skin tones. Ultrasonic (Applisonix) can complement currently available laser / IPL treatments by offering a solution for all hair colors and skin tones.

6. Effect Is Similar To Electrolysis, But Painless

Laser provides effects that are similar to Electrolysis, but are much more painless. The average clearance rate of the hairs was 74% by Laser and 35% by Electrolysis six months after the initial treatment. However, some are stubborn and laser may not be the best choice to remove it. After a series of treatment of Electrolysis, hairs may have been cycled out and not evident. The pain from Electrolysis is greater than laser and it may feel like 20 pricks to your one for laser treatment.

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