Possible Risks, Side Effects, Complications Of Laser Hair Removal

1. Normal : Slight Pain & Numbness, Slight Tingling, Redness, Swelling, Itching

2. Rare : Hyperpigmentation, Crusting, Blistering, Purpura, Hypopigmentation, Acne, Scarring, Bruising, Infection, Eye Injury

3. Temporary : Tingling, Redness, Swelling, Itching, Blistering, Hyperpigmentation, Acne, Crusting, Purpura, Bruising, Infection

4. Permanent : Burns And Scarring, Hypopigmentation, Eye Injury

1. Normal Risks Of Laser Hair Removal

Slight Pain & Numbness During Treatment

Generally laser treatment is not much more painful. 90% of patients do not require an anesthetic cream. IPL may be painful than lasers to some people due to tendency to super heat epidermal melanin. It's worth noting that, a significant pain should be viewed as a signal that the device settings are not customized to the patient.

Possible Risks, Side Effects, Complications Of Laser Hair Reduction

Slight Tingling & Numbness After Treatment

Some patients may also experience slight tingling and numbness after treatment due to the skin is burned slightly by lasers. Usually it subsides in 1-3 days. The burns tend to have a higher occurrence among patients with darker skin by IPL, lasers is more smaller.

Redness Up To 3 Days

It is the most common risks and entirely benign for most people. It caused by an increased blood flow to the capillaries in the skin. This problem can get worse in areas of sensitive skin and sometimes may be accompanied by pain. In cases of reticulate erythema, it refers to a long sustainable inflammation of the skin resembling a web-like design which may occur as a result of repeated sessions of Diode Lasers using high fluences.

Swelling & Bumpy Within 1-2 Days

If you are a very sensitive skin type, swelling is a side effect that could easily occur. It caused by the accumulation of fluid beneath the skin. The swelling can also be directly dependent upon the type of laser settings that were used within the treatment, longer wavelengths laser may also produce tiny bumps resembling goose bumps and additional edema, which should go away within 1-2 days.

Itching For 1-2 Hour

The itching is a histamine reaction. It can be triggered from the slight snap on the skins surface from the laser hair reduction treatment. Usually, itchy feeling can dissipates after 1-2 hour after laser treatment and you can use an Aloe-Cortisone cream to sooth the skin. It should not last more than three days. If itching is not controlled, it may be sign of infection of skin. See your doctor and the doctor may prescribe a brief dose of steroids such a prednisone.

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