The Risks, Side Effects And Complications Of Laser Hair Removal

Normal Risks

Normal Risks

1. Slight Pain & Numbness
2. Redness Up To 3 Days
3. Swelling & Bumpy Within 1-2 Days
4. Itching 1-2 Hour

Rare Risks

Rare Risks

1. Burns - 10 Care Tips
2. Slight Crusting / Scab Formation
3. Blistering
4. Hyperpigmentation
5. Hypopigmentation
6. Scarring
7. Cause Acne, Pimple
8. Laser-induced Hypertrichosis
9. Infection
10. Purpura (Bluish Skin Discolorations)
11. Bruising
12. Eye Damage

Temporary Side Effects

Permanent Side Effects


7 Advantages

7 Advantages & 7 Disadvantages

1. Safety ; 2. Effectiveness ; 3. Almost Painful ; 4. Procedure Is Fast ; 5. Regrowth Is Finer, Lighter ; 6. For Largest Portions ; 7. Fits To Each Body Area ; 1. Require repeat treatments ; 2. Risk of skin burn ; 3. Skin type & Hair color are crucial ; 4. Risk of skin diseases ...

What Does LHR Treatment Feel Like? Pain & Painless?


Can It Cause Scarring? How To Prevent It?

Can LHR Cause Scarring? How To Prevent It?

Lasers can be extremely dangerous in wrong hands and any laser procedure can cause scarring although it is rather small. However, there have been numerous articles in the press of patients being left with burns or scars. But it depends upon a few ...

Can LHR Treatment Cause More Hair Growth?


5 Steps To Avoid Risks At Clinic Or Salon

5 Steps To Avoid Risks At Clinic Or Salon

Discuss everything with the clinic about your skin type and be sure to inform them if you have a sensitive skin. A good clinic will take your skin type into account when they are preparing to do laser on you. Avoid using any photosynthesizing medicines ...

3 Steps To Avoid Risks At Home

3 Steps To Avoid Risks Of Laser/IPL At Home

Buying an FDA approved product. It greatly reduces the risk of any complications or undesired side effects. If, at any moment during use, there is growing pain or discomfort it would be wise to discontinue use and seek the help of a medical ...

Can Cause Cancer

Can Cause Cancer?

Laser treatment does not cause any form of cancer. The type of laser used in the procedure utilizes non-ionizing radiation such as microwave radiation and ultraviolet. The non-ionizing radiation can produce very intense heat in a very local area but does not break DNA bonds and ...

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LHR Should Not Be Done On Mucous Membrane Areas


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