Laser Hair Removal Side Effects - Infection

Infection following Laser / IPL hair removal treatments can lead to scarring and permanent discoloration of the skin. Although it is rare, but bacterial, fungal and viral infections can still occur. The follicle area following a laser treatment session will, at the very least, be red, swollen and sore. It is normal because you have just damaged the follicle by laser. In fact, the follicle area is small and open wounds. When the small wounds are not properly disinfected and cleaned before and after being treated, bacterial, fungal and viral infections still can occur.

The risk of infection is increased if your skin starts to blister after laser hair reduction treatment. Keeping your skin clean with a mild cleanser and apply medicated ointments or antibiotics to prevent infection. If you are exposed to the sun for lengthy periods of time before the healing process of laser treatment is over, you are more likely to develop an infection. Also, If you have herpes and are having laser treatment in your bikini area, you are likely to experience an outbreak shortly after you have the session.

Laser Hair Reduction Risks - Infection

Since the area be treated by laser may already be sore and somewhat inflamed from the treatment, people sometimes have trouble recognizing an infection. It is normal if you have an itchy feeling for 1-2 hours after laser treatment. However, it should not last more than three days. If itching is not controlled, it may be sign of infection of skin. If you see crusty patches and scabs on the treated areas, this is a sign of infection. Fever is also a common sign. Notify your doctor as soon as possible, most infections following LHR are not serious and can be treated successfully with antibiotics if you seek prompt medical attention.

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