Laser Hair Removal Side Effects - Slight Crusting / Scab Formation

After laser hair reduction treatment, stinging may occur for the first couple of days, some people may even experience a slight crusting of the skin. Sometimes laser can irritate hair follicles, such that slight bleeding or the formation of scabs occur. Usually, it will occur in people who have ingrown hairs. However, it was also reported that 10% of patient and up to 30% of patient with lighter skin tones treated with Long-pulsed Ruby and Alexandrite lasers. In fact, the main reason behind the crusting is connected to over treating an area with the laser.

While bothersome, crusting after laser treatment generally does not lead to any long-term issues, it should disappear shortly after. You should make sure to keep the whole area moist with Vaseline, which is the most recommended option to aftercare. If crusting develops, it should be allowed to fall off naturally, do not pick or scratch it. The post-treatment care is very important, adequate aftercare ensures that crusts do not become infected or cause scars.

Laser Hair Reduction Risks - Crusting / Scab Formation

After fall off of the crusting, if you are now seeing tan/brown marks in the areas, you could benefit from a lightening agent containing hydroquinone. However, if you are seeing hypopigmentation, or skin lighter than the surrounding areas, you need to be patient and hopeful. Hypopigmentation tends to be more difficult to rectify than hyperpigmentation. Regardless of the type of discoloration that you are experiencing post laser procedure, it is crucial to the area has had no sun exposure for one month after treatment. Daily use of an effective sunscreen is key, regardless as to whether you are going outdoors. Also, make sure you are not taking any photosensitizing medications or over-the-counter supplements known to cause photosensitivity.

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