Three Degrees Of Laser Hair Removal Burns. What Is Look Like?

Laser hair removal is a technically precise procedure, and requires specialist skill to perform safely and effectively. Now, around 4,000 laser adverse event are recorded annually in the UK and most of them are associated with burn by lasers. One of the most common reason of burns is improperly performed laser procedures. It is normal for skin to feel hot during laser or IPL treatments, but you should expect the skin to cool down quickly. You should feel something like a hot rubberband snap, without any lingering pain or heat. If it feels extremely hot and is not cooling down or extremely pain, you should alert your technician. There are three degrees of burns from laser treatment:

1. First Degree Burn


In most cases a burn from LHR is a first degree burn. The initial symptoms are the blistering immediately after the laser treatment and itching on the skin part. Most burns are superficial and heal well with time. We would continue to apply the antibiotic ointment until healed, and avoid further treatments until they are fully healed. There should be no scarring if the burns are superficial.

Three Degrees Of Burns From Laser Hair Reduction. What Is The Burns Look Like?

2. Second-Degree Burn


A second-degree burn will have blisters, pain and redness. The blistering is increased to such an extent that reddish spots are being appeared on the effective part of the skin and its start paining. You should see a doctor. If proper treatment is being done on this stage it enables to heal up with in the time span of three weeks or so. Blisters are very painful and they bring intense discomfort to anybody and when untreated, it may result to a risk of scarring and pigment changes to the skin.

3. Third-Degree Burn


A third-degree burn is the most serious, with charred white, leathery or brown skin. The skin starts to turn in brown leathery color as it decolorizes with charred white spots appearing. On this stage, it will leave a scar and the skin grafts might be necessary as the only treatment.

There are quite a few laser or IPL machines available to be used for hair reduction, and each variety of machine will have its own distinctive of burn. Next, let us see the different from the burn marks:

Burns From Diode Laser

Burns From Diode Laser


The usual burn mark of Diode Laser is like the box.
It is the size of the average Diode machines hand paddle.

Burns From IPL

Burns From IPL


The elongated strip style burn is a classic type of IPL treatment.

Burns From Nd : Yag Or Alexandrite Laser

Burns From Nd : Yag Or Alexandrite Laser


The either fully round or more likely crescent shaped burns is the size of the average Nd : Yag or Alexandrite machines hand paddle. Such as a machine called Candela or Cynosure.

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