Laser Hair Removal Side Effects - Blistering

Immediately after laser hair removal treatment, the area turns white and swells slightly. The whiteness usually fades in 20 - 60 minutes, turns pink and forms a small crust or scab. However, if you have the over treating with the laser and cause of second-degree burn, your skin might develop blisters and then a thin scab or crust might follow. The skin usually returns to normal in 7 - 10 days and after the crust falls off the pigment has faded. More fading occurs over the next 6 weeks.

In 10% of cases, blisters can form specially on the dark skin. The most reason cause of it is the technicians who are not experienced or qualified in the laser procedure, improper laser selection for the condition being treated, too much energy employed, improper skin cooling, laser technical failure, treating tanned or sunburned skin. It is very painful, visible and uneasy temporary side effect. The only way to treat this problem is with allowing the blisters to disappear on its own. There are three guideline to post-treatment care :

Laser Hair Reduction Risks - Blistering

1. Do Not Rub, Pick Or Scrub The Blistering

Only lightly wash it with a mild soap. Do not pick at or pull on blisters or skin.

2. Apply Medicated Ointment

Apply Aquaphor Healing Ointment (or ask to your laser technician) to all involved areas to keep them greasy. The medicated ointment available to help manage the pain and reduce scarring.

3. Follow Strict Sun Avoidance

The sun most definitely interacts with the inflammatory processes involved with the creation of the blister, and can cause a prolonged darkening of the skin underlying that blister or the skin in that area. So, sun avoidance is important, you must protect the skin against sun exposure for at least 1 Month after laser treatment. And, of course, be sure to wear a hat and slather on an SPF of 30 or higher sunscreen if you absolutely have to go outside.

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