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1. Skin Type

Skin type is the most important factors to affect your laser hair removal results. Different skin tones will have different results. The laser beam is directed at the hair follicles and the dark pigments in the follicle absorb the laser light energy, while the light skin around it reflects the light. The skin will absorb more of the laser if there are high content of melanin in your skin. Light skin, dark hair, and with no external factors of candidates will benefit the most from the procedure. They need the least amount of treatment and they will also have quicker treatment. They are followed by medium skinned people with dark hair and dark skinned people with dark hair. Light skinned with light blond or red hair will be difficult to treat and may only achieve a reduction in hair density. The worst candidates will be darker skinned people with white or grey hair. These individuals may even be impossible to treat.

Light Skin (Caucasian, European, Skin Type I II III) --- Best Candidates

The skin of this group people absorbs the least amount of laser light. There are varying degrees of light skin. However, no matter what type of light skin you have, you are the best candidate for any form of laser hair removal. You will receive the best results almost immediately of any other skin type and will also require fewer treatments.
Common Laser Device : Diode ; Alexandrite ; Ruby

5 Factors Will Affect Laser Hair Reduction Results

Eastern Asian, American Indian (Skin Type IV) --- Good Candidates

The people from this group often have the least amount of facial and body hair.
They are usually good candidates for LHR treatment because their hair is dark, and they have minimal skin pigmentation. A few more visits might need to be scheduled to make the hair removal truly permanent.
Common Laser Device : Diode

Medium Skin (Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Hispanics, Afro-American, Skin V) --- Hair Color Is Determining Factor

The people from this group tend to have the most facial and body hair. Their skin color can very from dark white to medium brown and absorbs more laser radiation than other types of skin. Those people with lighter skin generally make better candidates for LHR treatment. However, even the best medium skinned candidates will still run a risk of their results being less favorable and needing more treatments than a light skinned candidate.

Skin bleaching agents, such as 4% Hydroquinone, are sometimes used by people in this group to lighten the skin as much as possible. This is done to make the laser treatment as effective as possible and reduce the risk of burning the skin. This ethnic group has an increased risk of hyperpigmentation.
Common Laser Device : Nd : YAG

Dark Skin (African Descent, Skin Type VI) --- Bad Results Perhaps

Dark skinned will be the most likely have a bad outcome, their skin will absorbs a large number of laser, causing possible burns, scars, and keloids. Consequently, they are not traditionally treated by lasers and they must require well-trained and widely experienced practitioners to achieve maximum results.
Common Laser Device : Nd : YAG

IPL For Each Skin Type

In most cases, IPL and Lasers have the same effectiveness. IPL is perform better on light skin and dark hair. Some clinical report that IPL can give the better hair removal results for darker skin (Skin Type V, VI) than lasers, however, it has the most side effects because it is more prone to cause burns for darker skin types. IPL devices are more difficult to operate than lasers are. They also require a very experienced and skilled technician to operate them. As with lasers, we think IPL require greater regulation and should only be operated under medical supervision.

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