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2. Hair Color

It will help to determine the outcome of your laser treatment. The reason hair needs color for effective laser hair removal is that it must be able to absorb light and dark colors absorb light more easily than light colors. We make the analogy that if you walk outside on a sunny day with a black sweater you get warm because the dark color absorbs the light. If you walk outside on a sunny day with a white sweater, you are not quite as warm because the white color reflects the light instead of absorbing it. It is the same for laser hair removal, dark colored hair absorbs the light energy of the laser, which makes it easier to remove.

Black Or Dark Brown Hair --- Best Color

The people from this group are generally the best color of hair to LHR treatment. They will have the most pigmentation, which then allows for the higher level of absorption of the laser light. Also, dark hair is more coarse which will produce a better result.

Medium Hair --- Require More Treatments

It will require more treatments but it is also a very good candidate for laser treatment. Medium hair is most often light or medium brown hair. It is more easier to treatment than lighter hair colors, but it may require more procedures than dark brown or black hair. Coarse medium hair will produce better and quicker results than those with fine medium hair.

Light, Red Or Light Blonde Hair --- The Hardest To Work

Red and light blonde hair contain pheomelanin pigment which makes light absorption very difficult. This really does mean it can't offer itself as a good target for lasers. The people from this group might need more treatments than the average client, or might need to be ok with a smaller percentage of hair reduction, for example, a 40% reduction rather than an 80% reduction. Light hair is the most difficult to treat and will require more time, money, and procedures than other hair color types.

White Or Grey Hair --- Almost No Effectiveness

White or grey hair contains no pigmentation and they can not absorb the laser light enough to heat the hair follicle. So it may be almost no effectiveness for laser hair removal with grey or white hair.

5 Factors Will Affect Laser Hair Reduction Results

3. Hair Cycle

Impacts laser hair reduction procedure is hair growth, but it is not all hair are on the same growth cycle even if the hair is in the same area of the body. Therefore you will almost always need more than one procedure to completely treatment one area.

4. External Factors

External factors can also affect the outcome of laser hair reduction results.

Tanning Or Sun Exposure : All laser candidates should be at their lightest skin tone at the time of treatment. Having even the slightest tan can make it harder for the laser light to pass through your skin in order to heat the hair follicle. Being a light skinned person with a light tan makes the treatment more difficult than being a darker skinned person who has no tan or sun exposure at all. Your practitioner may even give you a topical bleaching cream to apply in the days or weeks before your appointment and regular sunscreen use is recommended.

Herpes : The heat from the laser light can cause a herpes infection to become active if it is in the area to be treated.

History Of Scarring : A history of abnormal scarring can lead to scarring directly from your procedure.
Scarring is usually not of high concern to those that do not have this kind of history, but if you do then you should discuss it with your practitioner before the procedure begins.

5. Laser Parameters


Alexandrite 755 nm, it is most effective, but only safe on light skin.
Pulsed diode array 810 nm, it is for light to medium type skin.
Nd YAG 1064 nm, it is for darker skin.


Longer pulsewidths may be safer for darker skin and shorter wavelengths are more effective in removing hair.

Width Of The Laser Beam

Larger Spot Sizes help make treatments faster and more effective.

Fluence Or Energy Level

If procedure get high enough settings will cause you permanent damage to the hair follicles.


  1. Light skin, dark hair, and with no external factors of laser hair removal candidates will benefit the most from this procedure. They need the least amount of treatments and they will also have quicker treatments.
  2. They are followed by medium skinned people with dark hair and dark skinned people with dark hair.
  3. Light skinned with light blond or red hair will be difficult to treat and may only achieve a reduction in hair density.
  4. The worst candidates for laser hair reduction will be darker skinned people with white or grey hair. These individuals may even be impossible to treat.
  5. The best combination of skin type and hair color for laser hair removal is light skin with dark hair. It should be noted that, The dark skin be bleached is benefits for laser treatment however even if the hair will be dyed to black or dark brown hair, it will not get better results.
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