What Does The Laser Hair Removal Feel Like? Pain & Painless?
How Long Does A Session Take?

Generally laser hair removal treatment is not much more painful and it resembles a rubber band snapping against the skin for a quick second with each pulse. During the treatment, a cool laser tip, gel or spray is always used to increase comfort. So 90% of patients have a normal treatment can be completed. IPL may be painful than lasers to some people due to tendency to super heat epidermal melanin, but, the pain wasn't unbearable at all, nothing like the searing pain of waxing or Electrolysis. If it is becoming uncomfortable, you can apply small quantities that numbs the skin. However, it's worth noting that, a significant pain should be viewed as a signal that the device settings are not customized to the patient. If it feels extremely hot and is not cooling down or extremely pain, you should alert your technician.

Everyone's pain threshold is different, patients with lighter-colored skin and finer hair will experience less discomfort than other peoples. Treating thicker hair is often more painful. Some areas are more sensitive than others, such as the facial, upper lip, bikini, or underarms. Such factors that have been shown to be effective are feeling low or under the weather, or treatment in women during the time of their period. In these times, the same treatment can feel much more painful.

Does Laser Hair Reduction Hurt? Pain & Painless? What Is The Level Of Comfort?

After treatment, the patients can expect the treated area to be red and feel similar to a sunburn. It is normal and ice packs may be applied to the skin following treatment. Some patients may also experience slight tingling and numbness due to the skin is burned slightly by lasers. Usually it subsides in 1-3 days. If localized blistering occurs, a topical antibiotic ointment is applied once or twice daily until healed. The burn tend to have a higher occurrence among patient with darker skin by IPL, laser is more smaller.

The speed of laser hair removal treatment is quickly. The length of a session time depends on the size of the area being treated. Each laser pulse will treat an area of 3/8 of an inch or 9x9mm. The chart above is the time of laser treatment to each body area, it is the average treatment times and will vary due to height and weight of the patient.

Does LHR Hurt? Pain & Painless? What Is The Level Of Comfort?

A Laser Session Time

Upper Lip : 1-10 Mins
Upper Lip & Chin : 1-10 Mins
Full Face : 5-30 Mins

Bikini Line Area : 4-30 Mins
Lower Legs : 15-60 Mins
Full Legs : 30-90 Mins
Underarms / Axillae : 2-15 Mins
Forearm : 15-60 Mins

Full Chest : 30-60 Mins
Breasts - Woman : 5-15 Mins
Full Back, Shoulder : 40-60 Mins

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