Laser Hair Removal Should Not Be Done On Mucous Membrane Areas

A mucous membrane is a layer of epithelial tissue which lines an area of the body which comes into contact with air. Under no circumstances should you let a laser anywhere near any mucous membrane, including inside the ears, nose, mouth, labia and and around the anus. The reason is, lasers can burn the mucous membrane very easily and it will leave you at possible risk for infection, scarring and possible sensation loss in certain areas. It worth noting that, depilatories should not be used in these sensitive areas as they can result in serious damage too.

Anus And Perineum

The perineum is the area of skin rich in nerve endings located below the anus. In men it extends to the base of the testicles. In women it extends to the vaginal opening.

Laser Hair Reduction Should Not Be Done On Mucous Membrane Areas

For Women - Shaving Or Waxing

Shaving : For some people, pubic hair is always easy and fun. However, for many other people it presents problems. When the genital hair begins to grow back, itching often occurs. Red bumps and ingrown hair may appear. To relieve the irritation, you can apply cortisone cream. If these symptoms cause you stress or don't go away, see a doctor.

Brazilian Bikibi Waxing : The pubic area is often very sensitive and therefore painful to wax although different people experience different levels of pain with it. The most painful area is usually the top part of the genitals whereas the least painful is underneath the genitals and around the anus.

For Men - Not Recommend Waxing, Only Shaving


First, waxing is not recommended on the genitals of men at home because it can end up tearing or burning the skin. Waxing for genitals at salon is not also practical, the pulling of hair from the ultra sensitive skin of the testicles isn't a good idea. Men feel sore after the wax strips are removed from their pubic region and wouldn't be able to walk properly for several days.

Shaving the genital hair of men is the fastest, cheapest, and most painless method, provided you are careful to avoid nicks and razor burn. However, it is also the shortest term solution, and must be done regularly to avoid stubble. A manual 3 or 4 blade razors is the most ideal for shaving pubic hair, don't use an electric shaver as the loose skin of the scrotum may get caught by the shaver, which can be extremely painful.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Ear Hairs - Ear Hair Electric Razor

Electric ear hair trimmers are the most painless, effective and recommended way to remove ear hair. Ensure to clean the ears prior to using the trimmers to free the ears from wax, dirt and debris which may hamper the effectiveness of the ear hair trimmer. Electric Razor is small enough to enter the ear canal, so, you should take special care while using it, because deep insertion into the ear drum may impair hearing ability.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Nostrils Hairs - Electric Nasal Hair Trimmer

Nose hair trimmers are specifically made to trim away unwanted nose and ear hair. These clippers have protective devices around the blades to prevent the user from nicking the skin inside the nose. It is safe, effective, painless and cheap, but there are something you need to attention:

1. Clean your nose and free of other debris before trim your nasal.
2. Never rush otherwise it might cause injuries in your sensitive nasal membranes.
3. Do not shove the trimmer too far into your nose, otherwise it may cause trauma to you nasal cavities.
4. Disinfect your trimmers before and after using to prevent infections.

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