Laser Hair Removal Is The Best Way To Treat Ingrown Hair

Laser hair removal is a good, simple and long-term option to treatment ingrown hairs. A large number of hair follicles are damaged by lasers, so hair follicles can no longer make a lot of hair grow. Hairs is soft and thin even if there is a small part of hair growth. Thin, soft and not sharp tip hairs can no longer cause of the ingrown. About six months with 2 to 3 laser treatments or so, ingrown hairs are not a problem and the old ingrown hairs have healed up.

What Is Ingrown Hair And Symptoms

Ingrown Hair Is : A hair that does not emerge from the follicle, Instead it curls into the side wall of the hair follicle or into the skin surface, causing inflammation. This inflammation can produce permanent scarring and/or color changes of the skin. Ingrown hairs are more common among people with very curly hair. Most ingrown hairs occur in the beard area.

The Symptoms :
The most common symptom of an ingrown hair is inflammation of the skin, itching, tingling.
Followed by pus formation cause discoloration of the skin and scars.

Laser Hair Reduction Is The Best Way To Treat Ingrown Hair
Laser Hair Reduction Is The Best Way To Treat Ingrown Hair

Causes Of Ingrown Hair

  • Thin skin and sensitive body area
  • Oil stuck in the hair follicles
  • Clogged pores
  • Dry skin
  • Coarse, curly, or stiff hair
  • Shaving too close, shaving against direction of hair growth
  • Any kind of hair reduction, including waxing, electrolysis, shaving and tweezing.

A Proper Shaving Technique Will Prevent Ingrown Hairs

  1. Choose a multi-blade razor.
  2. Wash the skin before shaving.
  3. Use shaving cream.
  4. Shave hair a little longer than you normally do.
  5. Shave in the direction of hair growth (Downwards on cheeks, chin, moustache area, upwards on neck).
  6. Don't shave against the grain of your hair growth. This applies to all areas of hair growth, including your legs.
  7. Don't run your razor over the same spot in an effort to get that perfect shave.
  8. Wearing looser clothing will prevent ingrown pubic hair.
  9. Exfoliate you skin often, directly after removing the hair and in between hair removals.
  10. Keep your skin well moisturized, using a moisturizer that block your pores.
  11. Keep your skin as clean as possible.

A Warm Compress And A Sterilized Tweezers

Tweezer is the most common way to get rid of ingrown hair. Hold a warm compress over the affected area then use a sterilized tweezers to gently pull the hair out of the skin.

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