Laser Hair Removal For Men's Scalp And Cranium

Many men who shave their hair frequently are getting fed up with the razors, shaving cream, shaving bumps, and stubble. Male that have completed laser hair removal on the scalp report either no hair growing back at all, or very fine hair which like babies' growing back, you can easily shave off whenever it grows.

At any time about 90% of the hairs on our head are in the Anagen Phase when laser is effective, whilst about 10% are in the Catagen Phase or Telogen Phase. Since most hair is in Anagen Phase, removal of scalp hair is much easier. That is especially true if the hair is dark and the scalp is light. It may even be as few as three to four treatments.

Soprano XL Diode System Is Recommended


Laser Hair Reduction For Men's Scalp And Cranium

However, laser for the scalp is more difficult to perform than treatments on other areas of the body. The head especially on the side of the head can sometimes be more sensitive than other areas of the body, as well, so patients can expect some discomfort during the procedure. Just as with other areas, you may experience side effects such as redness, discomfort, or swelling.

Instead of a pulse method of treatment, the Soprano Machine treats in a continuous motion. The laser energy does not go into the skin as a painful blast, but rather heats the hair follicles gradually and gently. The Soprano also features the Sapphire cooling tip to cool the skin, making for a virtually painless procedure. And with a 12×10 mm spot size, it can deliver those results faster. Of course, a prescribed topical numbing ointment is necessary.

Must Avoid The Sun Before & After


The scalp is always visible to the sun. Increased melanin in the skin will compete for the laser energy intended for the hair follicle beneath the skin. The hair follicles won't receive enough laser energy to destroy them and it will make the laser less effective. Even a small amount of sun exposure after laser treatment can cause severe burns and inflammation. And if your skin becomes more tan between the treatments, the same laser can not be used throughout the duration of the procedure even the smallest amount of color added to your skin, your provider may not even be able to perform your next treatment.

So extra care for scalp must be maintained both before and after each treatment for the added ultraviolets rays. We advise you to protect the scalp against sun exposure for at least 1 month before and after LHR treatment. And, of course, be sure to wear a hat and slather on an SPF of 60 or higher sunscreen if you absolutely have to go outside.

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