Laser Hair Removal For Beard & Ears & Nostrils Of Man

Shaving for beard is chore and trouble for men, and it is a main reason causes of ingrown hair too. Laser hair removal is a good option for reduce the thickness and coarseness of beard for male, it can often result in softer, thinner, and finer hair of beard. Moreover, laser treatment reduces ingrown hairs, barbers rash, or folliculitis that may result from shaving of the neck. But some have reported patchy or grid-like regrowth that looked odd.

Men with brown and black beard are good candidates for laser treatment. Treatment time for the entire beard can take from 30 minutes to 1 hour and the cost is between £80-120 ($120-180) per session. Because you do not need beard removal for full, therefore, two sessions are enough for you. Average Costs Protect your face from the sun after your laser beard removal treatment, you must wear a sun block with an SPF of at least 30 every day for 3 months following the procedure.

Laser Hair Reduction For Beard & Ears & Nostrils Of Man


Scientists now believe that the excessive ear and nose hair is typically linked to ageing and changes in hormonal levels of testosterone or oestrogen or both. It is the same thing that causes premature baldness, a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The coarser, rougher hairs of ears and nostrils are a sign of fluctuations of this particular hormone.

Laser ear hair reduction has the advantage of being painless and quick. Dark ear hairs can be removed with two sessions of about 15 minutes per ear, thicker grey hairs need two or three sessions more. Costs vary but session start from £50. However, because those hairs usually occur because of hormonal changes they may need more session and more frequent treatment.

Laser ear hair reduction is safety. Laser uses heat to damage the hair follicle and absorb the hair. It has the advantage over other forms of treatment in that there are no chemicals involved, protecting the delicate eardrum from damage or irritation.

However, It Is Possible To Perform Laser Hair Removal Safely ONLY On The Exterior Areas Of The Nose.


This means that it is not intended for the nasal hairs in the nostril area, because subjecting such a delicate portion of your body to this treatment can permanent damage the mucous membranes residing in the interior of the nose. And the exterior areas of nose hair laser removal must be performed by a licensed professional who has plenty of experience in laser treatments.

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